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Sawmill Girl Anuta

My father took me from my granny's arms and carried me through the door into what is my new home now.  I remember looking around and everything seemed so strange to me a lot of new things I had never seen before.

I heard a sweet voice speaking to me in Russian and looked over my dad's shoulder and saw a tall beautiful girl with black hair and blue eyes. She took me in her arms and hugged me and told me she was my new sister and her name was Karen and she would always take care of me and she was from Stary Oskol also. Karen was 14 years of age then.

I found out later in life that my dad knew Karen and her family in Stary Oskol. My dad was an engineer and was helping her dad on a special building designing project. When Karen was 8 years old my dad received a call from another engineer friend in Stary Oskol telling him that her mum had passed now and Karen was going to be put in a Home. My dad had been back when her father had passed and it was so sad news for him to hear of her mum's passing and she was going to be put in a Home.
My father told his friend that he would be over for her mum's funeral and there would be no way he would let her live in a Home and he would start adopting her when he got there.
So, my new sis is from Stary Oskol and spoke my language and I think I felt ok and not scare of a few things then.

While my new sis was holding me she was telling me some new things and told me she had something to show me. We walked down a hall and into a room. I saw a very big bed like I had never seen before with stuffed animals all over it. On the floor I saw a lot of toys that only kids like me could ever dream of owning. My sis told me that this was my very own bedroom but I really don't think I understood all that she was telling me.
We got down on the floor and I was looking and feeling all the new toys that she said all the toys were mine for always to play with. I still have all those toys and stuffed animals in my new room upstairs in our home.

Soon my mum came to me and got me and gave me a hot bath and told me it was my bedtime and she was going to sleep with me for a few nights. That was ok for I had always slept with my mum anyway.
My sis Karen took me across the hall and told me that was her very own bedroom and if I woke in the night and wanted me all I would have to do is go there and wake her. When I woke up the next morning I saw my sis Karen asleep on the floor next to me.

Well, my new life was certainly a lot of surprises and it seemed like everyday I was having a lot more of them. My sis Karen spent a lot of time with me back then and we had a lot of fun together. She and I still spend a lot of time together and laugh a lot about when we were youngr kids and she is now my mentor training me to be the CEO of our family business when she retires.

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