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Sawmill Girl Anuta

I am Anuta Johnathan Hanna Kagen. I am A Sawmill Girl and the proud owner of my poppa's Sawmll Farm. I am 18 years of age and a Senior in High School. My name Anuta is spoken in English as Anita.

I was born to my mum Anna in the country of Russia and in the city of Stary Oskol located in the southwest of Russia in the mining district. I was adopted by my father Blue Kagen when I was 3 years of age and relocated with my mum and my new father to my home here in Sawmill Valley.
I don't remember very much about my life in Stary Oskol because of my age then.

Some things I've been told is my mum was a professional violinist in Moscow . When the Cold War and our Communist Government had ended she was without a job and had to move back to her home in Stary Oskol. She became a surgeon but made very little money and was having problems buying food for my big brother Igor and seeing to all his needs.
She would go to a potato field near our flat and dig for potatoes and return to the city and sale those potatoes at night on the streets to make enough money to help support herself and my brother.

I remember a little about my grand parents that are still living in Stary Oskol and are doing just fine. I love my grand parents very much and talk to them on the phone often and get to see them several times a year. They are two very funny people and make us laugh a lot.

I remember a few things about my father and my granny and the trip to Sawmill from Stary Oskol on our family plane. I wasn't scared I don't think flying on the plane to my new home here in Sawmill but I do remember both of them holding me and playing with me and telling me they loved me and they had someone very special they wanted me to meet.

When we landed in Sawmill I was sitting in my granny's lap looking out the window and saw so many beautiful mountains, one of them so very high and long and I could not see the end of it. I was later to learn that this huge mountain was called Sawmill Mountain. I had never seen a mountain in my life until I saw that beautiful mountain out the window of the plane.

When my Uncle Tyler had stopped the plane I could see a lot of folks standing some distance from us and I could see a lot of flowers. In Stary Oskol we had a park near our flat where my mum would take me to play sometimes with the other children.  There were so many beautiful flowers there and I loved to feel and smell them. That park is still there and I always visit it on my trips to visit my granny mum and poppa.

My granny was holding me in her arms and put a blanket around me. I think she said it was cool outside that late evening. My dad opened the door on the plane. He got my mum's hand and walked with her down the steps and stopped and looked back to the door.
My granny stood up with me in her arms and we walked to the door and down the steps. I think my mind and eyes were going in all directions but I felt warm and safe in my granny's arms.
When we got to the ground my granny started walking to the man I would soon learn was my new grandfather, my poppa.
As we got close to him he started yelling some very loud things and it scared me a little. He opened his arms and my granny put me in those big arms. I was a little scared but soon I felt a warmth I had never felt before and was not scared anymore. Everyone was laughing at him a little and saying some things but I could not understand the words. The only time I had ever heard the English language was when my American dad was visiting us in Stary Oskol.

I remember my granny and my poppa putting me in a truck with them. This was one of the very few times I had ever ridden in something besides a bus and a train. When we got to my new home I had never seen such a home as this before. It was very big and very beautiful to my 3 year old eyes. It is nothing like all the big gray buildings where I lived in Stary Oskol.

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