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The Morgan Quarters is Completed and is in Full Operations

The Morgan Quarters was completed in 8 more weeks. Any way you look at this structure it just has to be beautiful but very functional in all aspects of what a high end barn should be especially on the inside. It has ample room inside for up to 50 horses with large bedrooms (not stalls) and anything needed to care for them. It also houses two cows (South Pasture & North Pasture), two mules (Kickass and Roger), Scoot's Paint, Karen, Marina and Bleau's (Karen's daughter) Morgans, a rooster named Barnyard and none of them have a clue they're animals.

It has a climate control system, fire supression system, almost sound proof , soft floor, a clinic, large tack room, large den with fireplace, all the Sawmill Girls offices, conference room, bathrooms and showers. It has two shower stalls for the animals, kitchen and dining room. It has a viewing and play area for the animals when the weather is to bad for them to go outside. All this just on the first floor.

Anything above the ground floor is going to be on going projects for the girls. It has full time 24 x 7 security. You just don't go walking inside the barn unless you have a key card to get in or they know you've been approved to go inside, then you have to show a permit. You don't even drive up on the terrace the barn sits on unless you're a Sawmill Girl, family or Sawmill Kid.

This is a working barn not only for their prized animals home but the headquarters for their farming operation. Just about everything on that farm revolves around their Morgan Quarters. From Annie's Bell Tower the girls can see most all of their fields and pastures.

They have a weather station in there and all their monitoring systems and, a Farmer's Almanac. It has a lab for their research on their soil, their crops, the feeds that they're always trying to improve for their animals and for all the Sawmill residents horses.

Was it worth the time and expense? When we take a look at what this structure represents, who designed it and what these girls designed it to do, yes it's worth every dollar and hour spent on it. To understand all you have to do is hear those bells in Annie's Bell Tower ringing at sundown on a beautiful peaceful summer evening here in this valley.

As our very religious daughter Snoopy calls the farm her Cathedral where she goes and prays everyday she tell us, when I hear those bells ringing on our farm late in the evnings, I know God has come home to Sawmill to rest for the night.

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