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Annie's Bell Tower

The next afternoon I had been to town and came in the back gate returning to Sawmill.  I stopped and talked to security for a few minutes. They said look and pointed to the farm. We could see the new barn standing tall and proud at least a half a mile away.  We all thought it was a beautiful sight for our eyes.

I drove on up Barn Rd. headed to the Village and home. The farm runs the complete length of Barn Rd and was on my left. The closer I got to that new barn the larger it got and seemed to already be making a statement on the farm.  I noticed a white dual cab Ford truck sitting next the barn terrace and knew it was Marina's.

I turned in the gate and drove up to the terrace and stopped and was going to say hi and give a hug to my daughter Marina. I noticed she was standing on the top floor of the barn. This was also her first trip that I knew of her even getting close to it.

When I got out of my truck where I could see her better I saw that she had rasied her hands waist high and was praying. She prayed for about 10 more minutes. When she stopped she turned and came down the steps and walk towards me. She stopped and hugged me and said the barn, it needs a bell tower on top of it with bells in it. She said nothing more and got in her truck and left.

I stood there for a few minutes looking up at the top and she was right, it did need something up there so off I go to discuss this with the other girls. I called them and told them to meet me at the barn if they could. They all said they would be here in 10 minutes.  Elena was the first to get there since she lives on Barn Rd not far from here. She asked me if anything was wrong and I told her no just wait until the other three get here.

The other three came riding up in Beth's truck, got out and ask me the same thing Elena had asked. I told them nothing was wrong but there was something I needed to discuss with them about the barn. I told them what had happened with Marina and asked them to look up and make their own decisions about it.

They looked up and looked back at me. Anuta said if our sis Marina says it needs a bell tower on it with bells in it then that's what it needs. The other three agreed and said let's ask her to design it for us and then let's get it done. Anuta called Marina and she said I'll be there in five minutes.

Marina drove up and got out of her truck. She said a few days ago Annie came running in the kitchen when I was cooking our breakfast. She crawled up on the island saying mum mum mum an Angel visited me last night when I was sleeping. I hugged her and asked her to tell me about this visit from an Angel.

Mum mum she had red hair just like us and she was so beautiful. She told me to look up at things until we saw something missing and then pray about it and you will receive the answer. I hugged my baby and told her well then we will have to start looking up until we see something missing and then pray about it.

The next evening Karen, Bleau and Annie and me walked over to Scoots to grill some burgers. As you know from Scoots back yard you can see almost ever acrea of our farm. We started talking about the new barn. No doubt we could easily see it from her yard and was laughing about how big the barn looked even from up there.

I stood there looking more directly at it and my eyes kept looking at the top of it not the barn as a whole. Something just didn't fit with it and I couldn't get my mind to make a move on it telling me anything. When we got home that night Annie said mum we so high now we not see anything but trees above our house. Do we need to pray to the trees?

When she said that it hit me smack in the face to go to the barn and look up and pray. That's what I was doing today when dad drove up.  I received an answer when I was praying....the barn, it needs a bell tower on top with bells in it. I came down and told dad that same thing and left.  If you girls will put a bell tower with bells in it on top of the barn I will pay for all of it.

Snoopy looked at Marina with her big brown eyes and said then a bell tower with bells in it will be put on top of the barn. Beth said and we will call it Annie's Tower, Anuta said design it for us sis so we can get started on it. Elena said amazing. Marina went to her truck and came back with a drawing of her vision of what the bell tower should look like.

Now everyone knows why there is a bell tower on top of the barn with bells in it that can be heard all over this valley when they're ringing.....Annie's Tower. Our Marina adopted our Annie from Oskol soon after she was a new born. She named her Annie after our grandmother and her great grandmother. She also had red hair.

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