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Blue Kagen Talks About The Morgan Quarters

This massive barn building project began with a lot of meetings on how best to do this and do it budget wise. My son in laws were builders for muti million dollar vacation homes until our economy busted and they had no work for almost a year. They've built several large timber frame homes but nothing on this scale before. No doubt this was going to be a beautiful structure but also had to be erected correctly and done safely. This beautiful structure would be the mainstay of the farm and would sit almost in the middle of it and 12 feet above ground level.

It took us almost a month to finalize all the how to's and the materials to start arriving. The new barn would be built on the same terrace that our dad's barn was on but had to be made larger and reinforced. It took another month just to bring in the dirt and all the stone to border the part of the terrace the new barn would sit on.

It took another month to do all the excavations, pour the below ground concrete floor, build and pour all the below ground walls and set all the steel beams that would be most of the main support for the barn ground level up. Most of the weight of the barn being timber framed would be on the outside corners. The barn will have solid load bearing walls in the center of it to carry the weight of the two upper floors and roof structures.

The Sawmill Girls along with Marina, Scoot and Karen would go and look at the progress on it everyday. They never once asked when will it be completed. Marina, a staunch protector of her poppa's farm just like Anuta never said a word to any of us about the barn during the complete time the barn was being erected. Marina never once went up on the terrace and looked at anything. She always stood off at a distance with no expressions on her face. We never understood this, we never questioned her about it and she's never told us why she was acting like this.

Once the first floor went down and the outside walls framing was up it made us realize just how large this barn was going to be. It also made everyone feel like we're finally having something to show for the months of work getting it this far along. The next month the barn went up another level being done very carefully and slowly making sure everything was right where it was suppose to be and going to do it's support job.

Another month passed and the third floor was completed and it was time to start timber framing the beautiful post and beam exposed beams that would hold up the roof.  Parts of this could be seen on any floor on the first two levels with the top level being the show place in the barn. The 3rd level was going to be several things for the farm, our family and the residents of this valley.

This roof structure was going to be fabricated in 5 different sections. It was going to be put together on the ground in sections and then cranes would raise it and hold it in place while we locked it in place. This alone took almost another month to get completed.

When we had the framing completed with the roof on it this was one large beautiful barn coming together. We started getting calls from Sawmill residents saying they could see it from their homes now and they thought it was just awesome. It seemed like almost everyone came to the farm to see the timber framing completed and we were hearing the wow factor from almost everyone of them.

For some unknown reason I turned and looked off the west end of the terrace and saw Marina on her Morgan about 50 yards away from us. She was just sitting on her Morgan looking at the barn. She sat there for few minutes and then put her Morgan into a trot and rode off towards our parents home. Till this day we have no idea why Marina was acting the way she was and she has never even mentioned it to us. She was also one of the financial supporters with the new barn.

Ed and Mike told the girls if our weather stays good one more month you can move in. They just looked at them and each one of them thanked them never saying anything else.  To this day none of us have a clue as to why the girls were being so quiet about this and especially that Marina and her actions.

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