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Blue Kagen Talks About The Morgan Quarters

The first four original Sawmill Girls Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena had started their farm project to restore our family farm back to the beautiful farm it was when our parents were still living. The only barn on the farm had been built back in the 40's
and was in need of a restoration or torn down and a new one built in it's place.

All four of the girls and three of their older sisters Marina, Karen and Scoot said tearing the barn down and replacing it was not an option and it would not happen. They reminded me of all the memories they had playing in that barn and I'll have to admit my sisters and brothers and me had some of those same memories. They also make it clear to me that barn was their poppa's barn and would be restored and preserved just like his farm was being done. These kids are very serious about anything that has to do with their grand parents so it's best to not push them and just leave it alone because you will not win.

Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena had found, purchased and return four Morgans back to Sawmill that were heir's to their poppa's Morgan. Marina and Karen also had Morgans their poppa had bought for them when they were young kids. Poppa had bought Scoot a Paint that she wanted when she was about 10 years old. They also had our dad's mule Kickass and Beth's inherited mule Roger in an old horse barn that had been restored several years ago. It was a little crowded and not much to brag about.

When Beth was about 12 years old she took an interest in learning Autocad and I had been teaching her the program for several years. She had been coming to my home office for about a month borrowing some of my architectural manuals. I thought nothing of it because of her learning Autocad.

Anuta came into my office one morning before school and said they wanted to have a meeting tonight and discuss a new farm project with me. I asked why are you telling me this, you four usually just bounce in the door and say hey dad. I laughed at her told her to come on when you were ready. Anuta has this thing about bouncing in the door and saying hey dad and has most of her life. When she does that I figure my legs are getting ready to really get pulled out of joint because she wants something. Read her "Anuta Meets Her Morgan" Chapter and you will see..Hey dad at the beginning.

That early evening as predicted, hey dad and I started laughing at them. I knew it was leg pulling time and it would be my legs that got pulled not theirs. They started telling me about this new barn they wanted to build on the farm and they would call it their Morgan Qarters. It would house all the family Morgans, Kickass and Roger the mules and couple of their poppa's cows that were still living.

They didn't give me much of a mouthy spill about it like they usually do. They gave me a full set of drawings for it with a project manual and asked me to look over everything and let them know what I thought. I told them no problem and I would let them know soon.

They left and I started looking at the drawings first. First thing came to my mind was that Beth sure is getting good in Autocad.
The more I looked at those drawings I begin to see a work of art coming into play for a horse barn. When I looked at the size of the barn that's when it slapped me in the face that this was a serious and going to be a very expensive project.

It had three levels above ground and one below ground with a huge automated silo on one side of it. It would be timber framed with Cypress timbers and a special floor in it called a soft floor. The below ground level would be a training area and also be used to send all their animals to when we had severe weather alerts out.

The ground level would be not their stalls but their Morgans, cows and mules bedrooms. It also had a large playroom for their Morgans when the weather wouldn't permit them going outside. They had planned a larger room for a huge den with their offices all around this big den with a large fireplace. Their tack room was also on this floor. This was going to be a massive barn and very costly.

I studied their plans for a couple of hours and then started reading their project manual. I was very impressed with what these four kids had come up with and I was elated to see how Beth had drawn the plans. So, what do you do in a situation like this?
I started putting price figures together and yes it was going to be costly but also functional for many years to come for them and the integrity of their farm.

I worked on their project all the next day. I called their two builder brother in laws Ed and Mike, Elena and Beth's dads and their older sisters Karen, Marina and Scoot to my office. I showed everything to them and we had a long discussion on it. They were like me, highly impressed and said it was doable and would probably take eight or more months to build it at a cost of....classified.

I called the girls in the next afternoon and bragged on them, especially Beth for her work on the project, and then told them about what the cost would be. I no sooner got that our of my mouth good when four checkbooks landed on my desk.  I laughed and told them to put their checkbooks back in their pockets. Your families are going to build this beautiful barn for you because of the seriousness you're showing us on restoring your farm.

So, construction for the Sawmill Morgan Quarters will begin soon.



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