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The Beginning of Anuta's Promise to her Poppa and Granny

Hey Beth girl what you doing Anuta ask Beth on the phone.  Was getting ready to call you, what you doing? Snoopy and me were getting ready to ride out to the farm and want you and Elena to go with us.
I like that idea, you talked to Elena? She's wanting to go too so we'll fetch her on our way out there.
Ok I'll walk over and meet you outside. Ok great.

As Anuta, Beth and Snoopy start down the road towards da hood where Elena lives they're not saying anything. Beth and Snoopy know this is their Anuta's first trip back to Sawmill Farm since she inherited it about a week ago and they're going to let her start a conversation. A few minutes later Elena is getting in the back seat with Beth.  Elena says nothing either except howdy to the girls.

Soon after the girls fetch Elena they start down Barn Rd. Sawmill Farm opens up in all directions in front of them. Anuta stops the truck and takes a deep breath and says nothing and her eyes get a little wet. Her muskateer sisters notice this but say nothing to Anuta.

They continue on down the road and soon Sawmill Farm is all around them. Anuta drives through the gate that leads up to the red barn and stops. They sit there looking at it and Beth says poppa's barn sure needs a new coat of paint. The other girls say nothing and Aunta says yep! and drives on up the hill where the barn has sit for many years.

They all get out of the truck and look up at the barn. Anuta says we sure have a lot of wonderful memories in that old barn Beth. Yes we do Beth says to Anuta. Snoopy and Elena not growing up on the farm like Anuta and Beth did say nothing.  Anuta gets Beth's hand and holds it. In their Russian culture that is a sign of a special friendship they have between each other, nothing more.

They walk all the way around the barn saying nothing, just looking at it keeping their thoughts to themselves. Snoopy and Elena know this is something special to Aunta and Beth so they just follow along saying nothing.

When they get around to the front of the barn Anuta unlocks the door and they go inside. Anuta and Beth start laughing and begin to tell Snoopy and Elena some of the wild things they use to do inside the barn with their big sisters and brother Igor. They really get Snoopy and Elena to laughing and this seems to break the silence between them.

They spend about 30 minutes inside the barn talking and laughing. Snoopy and Elena both had made plenty of trips to the farm since they both arrived in Sawmill but neither of them had been inside poppa's barn before and their eyes and ears were taking it all in as Anuta and Beth laughed and told their funny stories.

They walk back outside and thats when Snoopy ask Aunta "What the heck you gonna do now sis since you inherited poppa's farm", and you know the rest of their conversation if you read their comments.
They're laughing about this conversation as they walk across the west terrace of the barn grounds and start looking out where most of the large fields are located on the farm.

Anuta says, this is my poppa's pride and joy, this was his life. He loved and raised three daughters and three sons on this farm. He paid their way through universities from his profits he made on this farm. He raised me, my older sisters, my brother and you Beth on this farm. We are all indebted to him for this love he shared with all of us and the many things he taught us about life on this farm.

Snoopy, Elena, you both have told me the first time you ever set foot on this farm you felt as if you had been here before and felt a warmth that  you had never felt before. I think that was our poppa welcoming you to his farm from the Heavens above. I think in your hearts you also grew up on this farm even though you were living 6000 miles away in another country.

There is something special about this Sawmill Farm dirt that has affected a lot of kids over the years and we all know that poppa never let a kid down in his life. We all know that Sawmill would heal our hearts if they are hurting and would always give us a breath of fresh air in our minds and hearts.

I told you I have a plan. My plan is for us to bring Sawmill Farm back to it's shinning glory again. I want to see the big beautiful green pastures restored back to their beauty again. I want to see freshly plowed fields again. I want to see the beautiful and healthy Sawmill Farm crops growing again. I want to see beautiful cows grazing in those green pastures again. I want to see Morgan Horses running and playing here again.

We have to learn how to be new age farmers. We have to restore our poppa's barn back to a new condition to the heritage it represents to us, our poppa and Sawmill Farm.  We have to restore Sawmill Farm and preseve it for many generations to come.
Money is no problem for us and we need to get started immediately...are you with me?

The girls stand there quietly looking out over Sawmill Farm with it's over grown fields and pastures as a cool Fall wind blows. Beth is the first to speak. Anuta I think you've lost your mind but I agree with you. When I arrived to Sawmill with my parents I was a messed up kid. The second morning I was here you came to my house and told me you had someone I needed to meet. When we went outside there were poppa and Kickass and his old green wagon. He picked me up and hugged me and told me he was poppa and time for us to go and have some fun on Sawmill Farm. That day was to be many days for me on this farm with you and poppa.  You, poppa and this farm are the main reasons I'm healed and who I am now.
Everything poppa, you and this farm represents to me there is no way I could say no to helping you bring poppa's farm back to life again. It's definitely going to be a challenge for us but I know we can do it...I'm in.

Snoopy speaks next. When I was living in Moscow, Elena and I would ride the train to Tula every Saturday morning and dig potatoes in a field there so I could help my auntie feed us and Elena help her family have enough food to eat also. We would ride the train back home that same night so to be sure food would be on the tables.  The first time I walked on this farm's dirt I felt like I had been here before and had a warm feeling in my heart. Something in my soul tells me a part of me was born on poppa's farm.
Now I am a Kagen and feel that in my heart that poppa and granny are my grand parents. Yes, I will help bring our poppa's farm back no matter how much a challenge it is for us.

Elena takes Snoopy's hand in her hand. My Snoopy has spoken the truth about our lives in Moscow. Riding the train and digging those potatoes was a challenge for us then at our younger ages. Now we live in this beautiful  Sawmill Valley because the Kagen family believed in us and relocated us here. We have more food on our table at one meal now than several days when we lived in Moscow. I can talk now and everyone understands me and I have my self esteem back thanks to the Kagen family. My Snoopy has a family now and all that family was raised on this farm. I felt just as my Snoopy felt when we first walked on this farm. I also believe a part of my soul was born on poppa's farm. I want to help bring our poppa's farm back to life. I know what a challenge is and I'm ready for this one. Let's do it for not only poppa and granny but let's do it for ourselves too.

Let's hold hands and say a prayer and ask God to help and guide us on this new journey for us in our lives as we began to learn how to be farmers and restore Sawmill Farm back to it's beauty.