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The Two Sawmill Mules Kickass and Roger

Anuta's Kickass the mule and Beth's mule Roger are in the process of writing their own Stories. Both Kickass and Roger were inherited from the girls poppa's. Both mules feel like they deserve more than living in an elaborate barn full of Morgan horses, two cows named South Pasture and North Pasture, a mean ass rooster called Barnyard and an old goat everyone calls ass buster.

Kickass said the biggest problem they have with the girls is EVERY Saturday morning at 7:00am Anuta and Beth come into our bedrooms and wake our old retired mule asses up and make us take a warm shower. They then take us into another room where warm air blows all over us and dries us. When we're dry again they take these brushes and give us a rub down...it tickles.

Then they clean our hoofs and give us a manicure and make sure they're not hurting us, so they tell us. They then brush our teeth and clean out our ears, brush and trim our manes and tails. They even braid our tails sometimes. Can you imagine that and how we look! We're NOT one of their spoiled ass Morgans!

Now after they do all that to us they make us take a walk with them. Most of the time when they're walking with us they put their arms around our necks and hug on us and talk mushy stuffs to us. This is embarrassing to us when some of the other farm animals see them doing this to us.

When we get back to the Morgan Quarters they make us eat a bucket full of oats with warm honey mixed in with the oats.

When they get done harassing us like they did they let us go back into our climate control bedrooms with a soft floor.

They come in the Morgan Quarters just about everyday and ALWAYS find us, tickle our ears, hug us and give us a kiss and some sliced apples and maybe a sugar bar...geezzzz.

A lot of times the Sawmill Farm Kids that have babies and small kids bring them here, put them on our backs and walk us around the inside of the barn with them. These kids are pulling on our ears and hugging our necks yelling YEE HAW!

Scoot brings her 5 year old twin girls and ride them on our backs like she used to do when she was a kid. Sometimes that little ole skinny Scoot will ride us and do the same things as the other kids, pull on our ears, hug our necks. kiss on us and tell us she loves us.

It seems that we're always having someone messing with us, hugging on us, playing with our ears, kissing on us, feeding us apple and carrot slices and ALL the time telling us they love us Kickass and Roger. Really mushy stuffs.

Here's an ass buster for you though, Anuta and Beth have given orders in the Morgan Quarters that we're NOT to go outside and play together when it's freezing ass cold, snowing, raining or to hot. They also put socks on our hoofs and legs in the winter and tell us it's to help keep us warn from the draft across the floor.  When we do get to go outside and play in the Winter they always make us wear special blankets. We're MULES not kids!

Every week, Liza the pill pushing Sawmill resident vet, comes and gives us a check up and tell us... just making sure our guys are healthy and not having any health problems and then pokes pills in us she calls vitamins. What next! Are they going to start feeding us with a bottle like we see all the baby Morgans getting done to them sometimes!

 And too why can't they call this big ass barn the Mule Quaarters. They're just not showing us any respect for what we have to go through living in here.

What we don't understand is why they don't they treat us like what we are..TWO OLD RETIRED MULE FRIENDS!

They said when we read their Stories maybe we would talk to Anuta and Beth and get some changes made for them.

Our thoughts on this is that Anuta and Beth will have no sympathy for their mules and don't give a hoot one way or the other what either one of their spoiled ass mules think or want.

So, we'll see after reading their Stories.

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