Anuta Tells her dad she wants a horse.

Hey dad, Anuta says as she walks into her dad's home office. She is about age 14 now.
Hey sweetie what you got on your mind this late at night? I want a horse. You want a HORSE?
Heck yeah I want a horse, why not? I've been riding seem like all my life.

Her dad laughs and said ok my Anuta a horse you will get. We'll get on the hunt for you a good riding quarter horse.

I don't want a quarter horse, I want a Morgan like my poppa had. Ok, no problem, we'll get on the hunt for you a Morgan. We don't have to go on the hunt for a Morgan I already have one picked out.
You do! Yes sir I sure do!. WOW you work fast girl and where is this Morgan you think you want?

Minnesota. MINNESOTA!..yep he sure is! Hot dang baby couldn't you have found one closer to home?
NOPE! WOW! you got to be kidding me? NOPE I sure not kid you dad.

And may I ask what is so special about this Morgan a long way fron home? He looks like my poppa's Morgan dad and I can prove he's a heir from my poppa's Morgan.

Blue stops for a minute and looks at Anuta more seriously now. Anuta, why in the world do you think this Morgan in Minnesota is an off spring of your poppa's Morgan? Dad I have all the papers on my poppa's Morgan. So, what does that tell you about the Morgan up in Minnesota?

I was looking at Morgan's for sale in the internet when I saw this Morgan. I saved the photo and put it in Photoshop and enlarged it so I could study him more. Dad, I know what just about every inch of what my poppa's Morgan looked like and this one is almost a twin to him.

And? I called the owner of the Morgan on the phone and had a long talk with him. He told me this Morgan was originally bought here in Georgia and he had papers on him also. I asked him to please not sale his Morgan until I had a talk with you.

Dang Anuta, you're serious about this aren't you? Yep I sure am dad. The owner of this Morgan and I worked together for a week putting two and two together. After a lot of research on his part he called me today and told me his Morgan was definitely an off spring of my poppa's Morgan. Here dad, here is the photo of him and here are the papers the owner faxed me tonight.

Blue takes the photo and the papers and studies them for a few minutes. Baby I don't know what to say about this. I think you and the owner of this Morgan may be right about this. I'll give him a call tomorrow and talk to him about this and if everything still matches up then you and me will fly up there and meet this Morgan.

Nope dad, we not fly up there, we drive up there with a trailer and get him. Blue laughs and said ok if you're so sure of this then that's what we'll do. I'm sure about this dad, please trust me on this one.
Anuta I've always trusted you on everything. And by the way, you're as HARD HEADED as your granny!
Anuta laughs and says I know that! See you early in the morning dad.
Ok hard head we'll see what we can find out tomorrow...hey Anuta, you know it's very cold in Minnesota right now?

Anuta laughs and says Who cares! Not ME!