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The Sawmill Girls Are Introduced

Anuta Johnathan-Hanna Kagen (Anita)
Anuta relocated to America and Sawmill Valley at the age of 3 with her mother Anna from the mining district of Russia and her new dad Blue Kagen. Anuta inherited her Poppa's Sawmill Farm when she was 16 years old and is also the owner of all the Sawmill Morgan horses and her Poppa's mule Kickass. Anuta is an avid drum player and is the drum major in the high school band. Anuta and Beth are avid tennis players together and sometimes get accused of cheating because no one can beat them in a game of doubles. Anuta is the owner of a Morgan horse that is a heir to her Poppa's Morgan that would pass as a twin to his beloved Sawmill.  Her Poppa's mule Kickass is still living and is loved and gaurded by everyone living in Sawmill, especially Anuta, the Sawmill Girls, the Sawmill Kids and their babies they call their Sawmill Babies.
Anuta is restoring her poppa and granny's home on Sawmill Farm for her home and will live and raise her family there. Anuta is a honor student and is now 18 years of age.

Beverly William-Marcilena Williams
Beth was rescued from the streets of Moscow at the age of 6 by her now adoptive family Bill and Marcie Williams. Beth certainly has a personal story to tell before her rescue and adoption. Beth has a voice that had to be made in Heaven and a love for her parents and siblings that will warm anyone's heart and soul. Beth will tell anyone that it was Anuta's poppa, Sawmill Farm and the Christian values she learned on Sawmill Farm that was the healing powers that healed her mind and soul.
Beth has a set of adopted 2 year old twin sisters that shares a large bedroom with her at her request. I'm sure Beth will have some things to say about how exciting it can get sharing a bedroom with 2 year old twin sisters when she tells her story.
Beth and Anuta grew up together and even though they are cousins they are true sisters in their hearts and souls. Beth plays trumpet in the high school band and is also a honor student.
Beth is an adoptive parent of a Sawmill Morgan horse and is now 18 years of age.

Emilia  Svetlana Anna Blue "Snoopy" Kagen
Snoopy was discovered in Moscow by Anuta's friend in Moscow Elena Yushnova and adopted less than a year later by Anna and Blue.  Snoopy is different and everyone feels like she is an Earth Angel sent to her new mom Anna and Elena. Snoopy had lost her mom Svetlana a few years earlier and was living in Moscow with her aunt. Anna and Blue more or less adopted her aunt also and relocated her a little later to Sawmill Valley with them. Auntie, as she is called, lives in her own home in Sawmill and Snoopy lives with her parents and her sisters. Auntie is loved by everyone in Sawmill. Snoopy got her nickname from her big sis Karen on a flight one night and she'll explain that one later in her story.
Snoopy plays trumpet in the high school band and is also a honor student.
Snoopy is also the adoptive parent to a Sawmill Morgan horse and is now 18 years of age
When you read Snoopy's story you will find that she has an agape love, trust and faith for God and has religious beliefs that go deep within her heart and soul and nothing or no one could ever change her beliefs.

Elena Sergie-Galina Yushnova
Elena and Anuta met in Moscow when they were 12 years old. They met in an underground street tunnel when Aunta and her parents were listening to musicians playing Classical Music.  They became very good friends and met Elena's parents the same day.
Anuta's dad bought Elena a new laptop and got her connected to the intenet so they could talk to each other on a daily basis when Anuta returned home. A little over a year later Anna and Blue relocated Elena, her younger sister and her parents to Sawmill Valley. Elena has a speech problem but since arriving in Sawmill and working with speech therapist is now where every word she speaks is understandable.
Elena is the Valedictorian of their Senior Class, plays in the high school band and is 18 years of age. She is also the adoptive parent to a Sawmill Morgan horse.

Anna-Blue Kagen
Anna-Blue is the first child born to Anna and Blue and a sister to Anuta. Anna-Blue is a lover of cows and has one for a pet that she was showing until she was told if she won the championship she would have to sale her cow.  No need to go into that conversation she had with them so she returned home with her cow and her cow has no idea he'a a cow anymore. Annablue is raising 12 more cows on Sawmill Farm as her friends that will never leave the farm. Anna-Blue enjoys having little kids visit her cows on the farm, petting them and going for a ride on one of them she calls my Sawmill Baby.
Anna-Blue was also a once feared soccer player and is jokingly call the Sawmill bouncer. She gave that up when she became a Sawmill Girl. She plays in her school band and is also an adoptive parent to a Sawmill Farm Morgan and is now 14 years of age.

Galina Irina Anna-Blue Kagen
The young daughter of Anna's best friend Irina in Russia. Galina's mom died when she was 6 years old so Anna and Blue adopted her and relocated her to Sawmill Valley with them.
Galina is a lover of goats and has one for her pet that is with her most all of the time and lives in her family home with her.
Galina is raising 8 goats on the farm as her friends. Galina, like her sister Anna-Blue enjoys having small kids visit her goats on the farm and playing with them.
Galina also has the reputation of making the best cornbead in Sawmill Valley. She plays in her school band, is on the debate team and is also the adoptive parent to a Sawmill Morgan horse and is 14 years of age.

Tatyana Anna-Blue "Taty" Kagen
The second child born to Anna and Blue. Taty is an avid Go Kart racer along with her younger sister Elena that was adopted at the age of 6 years and is now 12 years old. Taty loves hound dogs and shows her pet hound with a large flowered bandaid on his nose and tail in dog shows that her aunt Cyl made for her. Taty like her big sis Anuta is also an avid drum player. When Taty was born she carried the name "Lungs" by her parents, sisters and brother because of how she would yell when she felt as if everyone was ignoring her. Taty is now a beautiful young girl and still has the reputation as being mouthy when she feels like someone has offended her, her family and friends.
Taty is also the adoptive parent of a Sawmill Morgan horse and is 13 years of age.

Kristie Ken-Kristina"Hankie" Kagen
Hankie is the second daughter born to Blue's brother Ken by his first marriage. Now married to Anna's sister Carrie, things did a big change in Ken and Hankie's lives.
Hankie has now accepted her new mom and is spending quality time wih her.
Carrie was a professional pianist in Russia and now Hankie is learning from her and loving her mom more every day. Hankie plays in her school band and is also an adoptive parent to a Sawmill Morgan horse. Hankie is now 14 years of age.

Ling Benjamin-Pamalia Kagen
The daughter of Ben and Pam Kagen. Ling is from Thailand and has been living in Sawmill
for about 3 years now with her new family. Ling is now a Freshman in high school and an honor student. Ling will stop anyone in their shoes when she plays the Erhu known as the Chinese violin or fiddle.  She enjoys playing her traditional music when Sawmill is having a beautiful sunset, everyone stops and listens. Ling is also the 5th Muskateer and a Sawmill Girl for 2 years. Ling is also the adoptive parent to a Sawmill Farm Morgan horse.

Spring  2015 Meet "Milly" The New 10th Sawmill Girl! She's awesome just like the other 9 Sawmill Girls!

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