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Let The Farming Lessons Begin By Galina"Slewfoot"Helen-Gene Kagen

Early the next morning my dad and poppa went to the farm with me to start sorting out all the girls equipment so I could get them started on their farming lessons when they got home from school that day. Uncle Blue, Ken and Tyler were there along with Beth and Elena's dads. Karen had a fork lift sent to us from the port. It took us all morning to get things lined up and in order like I wanted them.

Because of these four girls brain smarts they were in a school program that allowed them to end their classes at 12:15 everyday and go to school only four days a week. I told them the day before to eat their lunch and meet me here at 1:00.

They were extremely excited when they got here and were in a frame of mind that was telling me....yes, let's get on with this training.

I gave them time to look at all their equipment and machines and then they were really got excited. They told me they had watched a lot of youtube farming videos and had done a lot of reading in the internet. It really pleased me to know they knew just about what everything sitting in front of them does in a field.

I told them that everything they see spread out over this field were murder weapons and would show them no mercy and kill them in a heartbeat. Before you learn how to use anything you see here you must learn how to use them properly or I'll send you home and not let you come back. They all agreed with me and understood the meaning of..it will kill you dead as hell before you knew it.

We spent most of the afternoon getting them trained on how to, how not to, and this will happen if you do not use it correctly and if  you use it correctly these are the results you will receive.

They were eager to learn and asked me a lot of questions and we had some serious discussions all afternoon. I was very pleased with how their first day of training was going for us. You have to remember too that these four girls are no dumb asses and are very intelligent. They also have a drive and will to get on with this and get on with it done correctly and have never been afraid of hard work.

About 4:30 that afternoon I stood each one of them about 20 feet in front their tractors facing them and told them to look at them.

I then asked them, do you four bums have any idea what those four big ass green terrorist things in front of you are?
I then told them at the end of the next four weeks you're going to think they're a new baby.

You're going to know how to change their diapers,  powder their butts, breast and bottle feed them, what you have to do to stop their crying when they're pissed off about something, rock them to sleep when they need a nap, mix their formula, feed them medicine and rock them when they get sick.

Without those four big ass green terrorist things in front of you being healthy your farming asses are are done for the day or longer and you have failed as their caretakers and operators. I never want to see you abuse any piece of equipment or any of your machines. If I do then you're done as a Sawmill Girl and will be sent home.

See you four bums at the same time tomorrow after lunch.

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