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Let The Farming Lessons Begin By Galina"Slewfoot"Helen-Gene Kagen

Several days later Mr. Brown called me and told me they would be delivering all the new farm equipment, four new tractors and the combine the next afternoon and would be there a little after noon. He said everything would be on five semi trucks with flat bed trailers. I told him to come to the back gate and I would call security today and give them permission for you to enter Sawmill Valley. He thanked me and said see ya Slewfoot and that precious daughter of yours soon.

The day came for all our Sawmill Girls new farming equipment to arrive at Sawmill Farm. I think most all the Sawmill residents thought this was going to really be something to see according to the amount of pages I got wanting to know when the trucks would be there.

Marina, Karen and Scoot were at the farm with the Sawmill Girls waiting for me to send the page that the trucks had arrived here at the back gate. Man when I saw those five big ass trucks coming to the back gate I said to security..I not remember us buying that amount of faming equipment. They sure got a good laugh off of me on that remark.

The first two trucks had two big ass John Deere tractors on each one of them. The third truck had plows on it. The fourth truck had planters on it. The fifth truck had that big ass combine on it and then I saw anotther truck that had four heads for the combine on it.

I was standing inside the gate when Mr. Brown drove up in his pickup with more stuffs on the back of it. I told him to follow me up to a field off the west terrace of the barn and that's where we would unload and stage everything.
Nooo problem Slewfoot he said to me. This is a good day for me. I get to meet these four girls and that Anuta.

As we started up Barn Rd we were seeing many people parked in the fields across the road from the farm. They started clapping as we passed them. I'll have to admit I'm sure this looked mighty impressive to all our Sawmill folks seeing all these big pieces of farming equipment on the backs of 6 semi's slowly moving towards the barn.

The big trucks couldn't make the swing to get into the field so we would have to unload them sitting on Barn Rd.
Dang, looks like every Kagen in the world is standing on that terrace and trust me that's a lot of Sawmill Kagens. I drove out into the field and motioned to Mr. Brown to follow me.

We got out of our trucks and I waved to the girls to come down to us. They walked up to us and stopped and didn't say a word. I told to them, girls this is Mr. Brown and we owe him a LOT of thanks. Mr. Brown walked straight to Anuta and just stood there looking at her for few minutes. Man this kind of silence is erie.

You are Anuta Johnathan-Hanna Kagen he said to Anuta. Yessir I sure am. Anuta you look just exactly like your poppa did when he was your age. You are his twin. Your poppa was my best friend in life from the time we met in first grade in school until he passed and he's still my best friend in life.

Anuta dropped her head a little. Her eyes got a little wet. She looked back up at him and said, I know that Mr. Brown and I thank you for the compliment and everything you're helping us with. Mr. Brown us Sawmill Girls would like to give you something, not only for your generosity to us, but because almost all your life you were my poppa's best friend in life.

Anuta pulled a pair of old worn out leather work gloves out of her back pocket. Mr. Brown these are a pair of our poppa's work gloves he used on this farm working everyday of his life it seems. We want you to have them because you and him worked together as best friends in life to make both of your businesses and families successful, and that you both did.

She handed those old worn out leather work gloves to Mr. Brown and then put her arms around him and told him I love you Mr. Brown and thank you for all the years you've loved my poppa. As tears were streaming down his face Beth walked up to him hugged him and said I am Sawmill Girl Beth Mr.Brown and told him thank you and I love you too. Snoopy and Elena did the same thing to him.

Mr. Brown held up those old worn out leather work gloves so everyone could see them. He said to all of us that day, these are the most prized possesions I've ever owned in my life and I will always cherish and protect them with my life.

Thank you Anuta, Beth, Snoopy, Elena..

This has been the best day of my life since I first met my best friend in live our poppa when we were 6 years of age.

Now let's get those trucks unloaded. You Sawmill Girls have got a lot of work to do so you can put in a fine and decent Sawmill Farm crop next farming season and make our poppa proud of you.

Hey Slewfoot...sir, where's that daughter of yours? Up on the terrace with some of her cousins. Go get her. Why? Don't sass me you mouthy Kagen female, now go get that girl and bring her down here. Ok.

You guys help me get this box out of the back of my truck please.

Heyyyy my pretty little Slewfoot! Hey Mr. Brown. Momma and me got something here just for you. Wow what?
Slewfoot mouths off again. A John Deere motorized electric tractor with a set of plows for her?
Yes now hush your mouthy Kagen mouth!..Slewfoot laughing says ok but Mr. Brown, what if I don't want her to be a farmer?

She's just like you when you were her age Slewfoot, "she aint got no choice to be nothing else but a farmer"!

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