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Let The Farming Lessons Begin By Galina"Slewfoot"Helen-Gene Kagen

I called to Marina the next morning. Hey Marina, yo Slewfoot. Let's get this show on the road Marina with those four girls. I've made my daughter one hell of a promise and I intend to keep that promise to her.

Awesome Slewfoot! You ready to go with Karen, Scoot and me and buy those four new big ass tractors you say they need. Right on Marina!.We'll pick you up at your home in about two hours. I'll be here waiting on you.

When we were leaving Sawmill I told them to let's go to the dealer where I bought all my equipment from and we'll probably save some bucks there.

You want "four" of this model tractor? Scoot says yep, you have a problem with that ? No no I don't have a problem with that. May I ask how you wish to finance four of these tractors? You take a check or American Express? Man I wanted to laugh at that Scoot and had to bite my tougue from doing it. This dude had no clue who he was talking to. Man this sho was funny. Scoot is ONE PERSON you do NOT want to get into a pissing contest with. You will NOT win. He had no idea he was talking to three very, and I mean very wealthy girls at their young ages.

I asked him where was Mr. Brown. You mean the Mr.Bown that owns the company? I said yes. He's in his office. Well go tell him Slewfoot is out here with some cousins wanting to buy four of these big ass tractors. Ok, I'll go tell him.

Helloooo my Slewfoot! How you and that beautiful daughter of yours been gettin on girl? Howdy Mr. Brown, we've been doing super and how about you and Miss Carol? Heck fire Slewfoot we doing ok too sho be getting so old though.

Mr. Brown I would like you to meet three of my cousins, Marina, Karen and Scoot Kagen from Sawmill. Well it's sure nice to meet you girls. Are you the grand daughters of poppa Kagen from Sawmill Farm? Yessir we sure are. Let me hug  you then. Your poppa was my best friend in life. We grew up together in high school and college. Girls I sure do miss your poppa and think about him everyday.

We miss him too Mr. Brown and he's the reason we're here now. Four of our 16 year old sisters have committed to farming Sawmill Farm again and restoring it back to it's original condtion and beauty. They have no farm equipment so we're going to buy everything they need to get their farm project up and running.

Well girls, Slewfoot here knows everything they'll need. You pick out what you need and come to my office. Everything you buy will be at my cost. I loved your poppa and I know if he has all these grand daughters wanting to keep his legacy alive then I want to be part of it too. He was such a caring and loving man. Would give you the last shirt off his back and love you when no one else would. Man I miss your poppa everyday of my life. We all got a little emotional then and hugged on Mr. Brown and invited him to Sawmill and meet these four gand daughters of poppa.

Marina told Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown we have a 16 year old sister that has recently inherited his farm and is just like him.
Would that be Anuta? Yessir it would. Yes I know. He spent many an hour on the phone with me talking about her. I sure want to meet her, give her a hug and thank her for the love and care she gave to our poppa.

With tears in his eyes he told to us that he would be going out to Sawmill and help deliver everything we bought today. He said it's important for me to meet these four grand daughters of our poppa and give them a big hug and let them know I'm with them too.

That day we bought everything the girls needed to farm Sawmill again. Four new tractors, all the plows and planters. When we went to his office to pay for everything Mr. Brown ask, did you pick out a NEW combine? Yessir we did. Well, your poppa would never buy a new combine. He had an old clunker of one and said it would do. Girls, I'm going to give you that new combine for my memories of your poppa. Man the emotions were there again for all of us and tears flying all over his office.

I knew that Mr. Brown was poppa's best friend in life and always had been. I thought it was important for Karen, Marina and Scoot to meet him. They needed to know that poppa was not only loved in Sawmill but loved by people all over these mountains.

They had no clue, but they do now.

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