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Let The Farming Lessons Begin By Galina"Slewfoot"Helen-Gene Kagen

I went home that night and talked to my dad and one of my poppa's about what Marina had snookered me into.  Man they got all excited when I told them that Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena wanted to bring Sawmill Farm back from all the weeds and varmits living there now.

My poppa looked at me and told to me. Slewfoot when you got here you were five years old. You were the biggest joy in all of our lives especially your other poppa and me. Three days after you got here your other poppa and me had you in our laps riding you on our tractors with us.

Now look at you, you can drive any tractor, combine, plow any plow that's ever been made. You can out drive and out plow any other farmer in these mountains and over in South Carolina. When you were 14 years old you had your own tractor and could plow any field and plant any crops on the farm.

You can do all of this now because of the many many hours and patience the two of us spent teaching you how to drive a big tractor, plow any plow and use any planter on the farm. We spent many hours sitting in a combine with you teaching  you what and what not to do and how to make the combine work for you and give you the best yield in a crop.

Last year you got your masters in Agriculture from UGA, Sweetie there isn't anything you cannot do that we know of running a farm and farming that farm. Your mind is now full of all the latest farming technology. You take your own soil samples and render them. You've aquired the lastest tractors and combines available to the farming industry now. You use gps systems to guide your tractors and look at your fields for you. You have 15 employees working for you.

Those four girls will be reaching out to you for help and guidance to help them become four more of the finest farmers in these mountains just like yourself. It's time you gave back to them what was given to you by your dad, poppa's and your education in agriculture. Do this one for yourself also sweetie.

Man I'm here to tell you now I was about to cry hearing all that. I looked at my daughter sitting next to me and told to her about how much fun life was for to me when I was growing up and going to Sawmill Farm to play with my family and friends everyday.

I told to her, you're growing up on a farm too and spending most of your time with me on our farm when not in school but, you've never had the experience like I did growing up on a farm like Sawmill was to us. I think it's time you started learning all those values I did when I was a kid on Sawmill and we're going to make it happen for you, I promise you that.

You're my heart and soul and I love you so.

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