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Let The Farming Lessons Begin By Galina"Slewfoot"Helen-Gene Kagen

I am Galina"Slewfoot"Helen-Gene Kagen and I am a Sawmill Farm Kid. I came to Sawmill by way of adoption at the age of five years from the city of Stary Oskol, Russia. I hold a Masters Degree in Agriculture from UGA.
I am the farmer-owner-manager of our family farm that dates back to the 1800's, about 30 years later than Sawmill Farm. I am also the proud mum of an 8 year old daughter that I adopted from Oskol when she was 7 years old. She is my heart and soul and I love her so.

Marina called to me on the phone one day and told to me that she would like to have a discussion with me about Sawmill Farm and invited my daughter and me to dinner the next evening. I told to her that we would like that and would be there.
Who would be crazy enough to turn down a homecooked meal from Marina Kagen's kitchen no matter what the topic of discussion was,  not my daughter and me.

Slewfoot, you showed up at the barn the day Karen, Scoot and me sent everyone here in Sawmill a text saying come to the farm. Laughing Slewfoot tells Marina, man I mean I was there. That was the biggest hoe down that day on that terrace I had ever been to in my life here in Sawmill, and we had no music.

Marina laughing says I don't think Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena has ever forgiven us for that rukus and ever will. I doubt it Marina, man that was something for the outside public's eyes to not have witnessed.

Well, you know those four girls have set things in motion to farm Sawmill Farm again and restore it back to it's beauty it was when our grand parents were still living. Man I miss poppa and granny Marina. You have no clue how they effected my life back then when we were all spending most of our time on the farm with them. Yes I do Slewfoot, look where you and the rest of us kids are now in our lives. Successful, wealthy as hell, got our own kids now and no farm to raise them on anymore like us.

I know Marina and I think about that often too. Sometimes when I ride by that farm my eyes fill with water just thinking about those wonderful times when we were kids. Seeing it now nothing but a bed of weeds tears my heart out.

What your thoughts on the girls farming it again and bringing it back to life? Geezz Marina, that farm is in a big mess and would take some experienced farmers to get it back in shape again. I think it would sho be a large challenge for them especially not knowing anything about farming.

Well, we believe in them. Dad, our uncles, Beth and Elena's dads, Scoot Karen and me have formed a farm committee to give then the necessary support they need to get started doing it. We understand they know nothing about farming and the machinery it takes to farm a farm.

Slewfoot we would like for you to be their mentor on the farm and teach them how to run the equipment, do the plowing, planting and harvesting of their crops. Would you do this for us and the girls?

Slewfoot looks at Marina for a few seconds and says, Marina, I think all of you have lost your minds but yes it would be my pleasure to do what I can to help those girls bring our beautiful childhood memories back to life again and help other kids experience life growing up on a farm.

Marina, this is going to be expensive for you. Four new tractors like they need will be well over a 100 grand each, not to mention all the plows and planters they need. You'll also have to buy a small combine with several different heads for it.
Karen, Scoot and me are going to buy anything and everything it takes for them to do this. Money is no problem for us as  you well know. This is not about money, this is about those four kids restoring our family farm.

Marina, the day I got my daughter home from Oskol all of us were in the den welcoming her to her new home and family.
I took her hand and walked with her to her new bedroom. When she how beautiful I had made it for her she looked at me and said...wow mum so beautiful for your new daughter. I looked at her and thought to myself, I've never been a mum before in my life. What the heck am I going to do with you little ole skinny butt now that I finally have you home with me. I think those same thoughts are going to apply to those four girls wanting to be farmers.

Man I lughed so hard at what that Slewfoot had just told me I almost wet my pants.

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