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Meet The Sawmill Farm Kids

Meet The Sawmill Farm Kids! The Sawmill Girls tell us they're the backbone of Sawmill Farm and there would be no new Sawmill Farm as we know it today if it wasn't for them and their dedication and help in restoring Sawmill Farm. They all grew up on Sawmill Farm playing under the care and watchful eyes of poppa and granny Kagen. Through the love of their poppa and graany they were taught high morals, Christian values, self disipline, how to plow a mule and work hard to become the best adults they could be in life.They're the new CEO's of their family corporations, one is a surgeon, one is an international corporate lawyer, two of them are college professors and one is a medical artist. Join us this summer for a slide show of these awesome kids that have returned back to their roots in Sawmill and Sawmill Farm to raise their kids. Along with the Sawmill girls they're the new farmers of their Sawmill Farm and returning their love back to poppa and granny. Come planting and harvest season that's where you'll find them in full swing working. They're from America, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, China, Belarus and Columbia and have lived most of their lives in Sawmill. They're Awesome!
"We're American Farmers & Proud Of It" !

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