I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18


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The Sawmill Publisher

Sawmill has been an eight year project for the Author of Sawmill since he made his first trip to Stary Oskol, Russia in 2004. The Author tells us while in Moscow he encounter a lot of homeless children and was told there are many orphanages in Russia.

He told us on all of his flights to and from Russia he meets a lot of young married couples either going to Russia to adopt or were returning home to America with their new adopted kid or kids. He said he also met married couples in their 40's and 50's on these same flights adopting a child in Russia.

He tells us that he could look out one of the windows of the apartment of his Russian extended family he was visiting in Stary Oskol and could see a large building and was told that is the Youth Home and we also have another building called the The Baby House.

The Baby House is where all the babies are and most of them were left there by their moms because they could not afford to support them on their very small wages or drug and alcohol addictions.

The Sawmill Author loves kids of any age and said hearing all this put a hurt in his heart that still remains today for all kids of the world that live in orphanages or youth homes.

The Sawmill Author has told us that when Sawmill is published he wishes not to receive any monies from the sale of his story. He asked that we make a Page on this site with information on adoption in Russia and Stary Oskol and a way for the readers to make donations to The Baby House or Youth Home in the city he's come to love, Stary Oskol.

He's promised on his next trip to Stary Oskol he will have new photos for us to put on the Sawmill site taken in The Baby House and The Youth Home. All of us here in the office certainly look forward to that.

He told us all the kids there have a "Rose Dream" and that rose dream is to be adopted and have a real family to love and support them.  He says I have a "Rose Dream" also and that is when I retire I can go to Stary Oskol and work in the Baby House and Youth Home for a year. We certainly hope his rose dream will come true for him.

We've made a Questbook on the Sawmill site so the readers can post their comments.
We've also added an Adoption Forum, by membership only, for anyone that has been adopted or has adopted can share their experiences, tell their story and help others through the adoption process especially from Russia and Stary Oskol.
All messages will be screened and no spam or defamatory messages will be tolerated and will be deleted.

Is the story fiction or a true story...it's both. Sawmill is about "real love not cold or tough love".
After sitting down and talking with him we told him to write this story and share it with the world.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading Sawmill, we are.

Larisa Fedotovo Willians - Sawmill Publisher

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