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Sawmill Author

Sawmill is the story of the lives of nine girls called "The Sawmill Girls" and their familes living and growing up in a small remote valley in the mountains of North Georgia called Sawmill Valley and a farm called Sawmill Farm.

There is no drama in their story once they were adopted into their familes in Sawmill Valley. Their story begins with how a 3 year old girl from Russia named Anuta and her new grandfather " Poppa" developed a love for each other like no other.

Anuta inherited her Poppa's Sawmill Farm at the age of 16. With her Sawmill Girl sisters and their love for her Poppa and Sawmill Farm, they began a life long project to preserve Sawmill Farm for generations to come for their families and any kid that needed something special in their life...a special place to come to if their hearts needed healing.

All the Sawmill Girls but three grew up on Sawmill Farm having fun and learning how to be strong and a good Christian. Aunta's Poppa was a lover of kids and shared his love for them teaching them many things about life, the Bible, farming, raising farm animals, how to plow a mule and how to love and care for his best friends, his Morgan horse named Sawmill and his mule named Kickass.

You'll also read about their love for the Morgan horse, how they spend many hours of research trying to find all the heirs to Anuta's Poppa's  Morgan horse Sawmill and return them to their roots and heritage on Sawmill Farm.

If you're lucky you'll get to meet other kids in this story called 'The Sawmill Kids". These kids from Sawmill Valley also had fun growing up on Sawmill Farm learning from Anuta's Poppa and are now adults and the CEO's of their dad's corporations but...they have all returned home to raise their kids in Sawmill and on Sawmill Farm.

To better understand this family and their story it's important that you not skip around in the book. It's important that you read each chapter, especially the chapters where each family member is telling their own personal story. If you do this then you should be able to put yourself in Sawmill Valley with this family and maybe feel like a personal friend to them.

I hope by reading this book you will also learn some new things in life and the appreciation for kids that have been adopted from all over the world and the families that have given these kids "The Gift Of Life"...a very caring and loving family to love and nurture them into their adulthood.

When you read the Sawmill Girls personal stories you will hear all of them talk about some difficult things when they arrived here. You will hear them say how homesickness was their worst enemy. The beginning of new lives with people they really didn't know and the uncertainty of their lives in a new country, in a new home, family and language they didn't understand.

When you read the chapter in their stories, "Where I Am In My Life Now" , maybe you will do as one reader wrote and told us..."quote" after I got through reading each one of the girls Stories I would get wet eyed, clap my hands and say good for you kiddo! "unquote". Maybe you will do the same.

You will read where, after poppa and granny's death and after Anuta inherited Sawmill Farm, how Anuta, the Sawmill Girls and the Sawmill Farm Kids took their farm back from several years of neqlect with over grown weeds and a decaying infrastructure and made it even more beautiful than before.

I'll warn you about some of their language. Everyone in Sawmill is loaded with humor and have given their kids permission to say two words....ass, because everyone has one and can also make and ass of themselves.. and hell, because that's where you're going if you do not lead a good life..

Who am I you ask?...I was also adopted and given the "Gift Of Life" and you can call me ... a "Sawmill Kid " .

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18

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