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Today is Anuta's 16th Birthday

Hey Aunta, you busy sis? Hey Scoot, was about to give my kart a much needed washing, what you doing?
I just got home from a meeting at the port, would you meet me out at the farm at poppa and granny's home? Right now? Yep sis right now. Ok I be there in about 15 minutes. Oh sis...Happy Birthday! Wow thanks Scoot, been so busy almost forgot today is my 16th birthday. You going to remember this one for the rest of your life cause I'm not going to let you. Aw heck Scoot you never let me forget anything. Ok see you a few. Ok.

Dang, now I wonder why that mouthy phd redneck corporate lawyer sis of mine wants me to meet her at poppa and granny's home? Oh well, might as well stop what I'm doing and get on out there or she'll be yelling at me again.

Anuta gets in her truck and drives out to the farm. She drives through the gate on the road leading up to her poppa and granny's beautiful old home that sits on a hill over looking Sawmill Farm. As she gets close to the home she sees more trucks there and wonders if something has happened. She parks her truck and walks up on the front porch where all her family is sitting. All her aunt's and uncles, all her sisters, her brother and Beth and Elena.

What the world going on here, has something happened Anuta asked. Scoot says to Anuta, something good has happened sis. Aunt Jeannie has something to tell you.

Jeannie speaks to Anuta. Anuta we would all like to wish you a Happy Sweet 16th Birthday and we have a very special birthday present for you. Well, I thank you and I suppose this as good as any place to wish me a happy birthday.

Anuta, you came into our family when you were 3 years old. I think all of us loved you the first time we saw you and got to hold you in our arms. Your poppa and granny loved you more than life its self, especially your poppa. Jeannie takes Anuta's hand and walks to the front of the porch and faces Sawmill Farm with her.

What do you see out there sweetie? I see my poppa's Sawmill Farm that was his heart and soul, and mine also. Anuta your poppa told us a story that happened when you were about 10 years old. He told us that one day you and him were pitching some hay around a pole and he asked you a question, do you remember what that question was?

Yes I remember. He ask me if he could give me anything in the world what would I ask for. Yes, that's exactly what he told us he asked you. He said you jumped up and down and said I want your farm poppa I want this farm. He then told you that well if you want my farm you would have to work hard and earn it.
Yes aunt Jeannie I remember.

Anuta, you have been and still are the most loving, caring and dedicated lover of our parents and our family farm. You spend most of your time out here, you visit your poppa and granny's resting places every week and place fresh flowers for them, and this has not gone unnoticed by your family.

Anuta is crying a little and says, I love my poppa and granny, I love my poppa's Sawmill Farm. I come here almost everyday because I miss them and being here makes me feel like they're with me again. It hurts me so much to see it turning into over grown fields now and not being farmed anymore. I miss the beautiful green pastures and the freshly plowed fields and not seeing the crops growing on it anymore.

Anuta, you have proven your love to your poppa and granny and to all of your family by the love and care you have in your heart for all of us. Today is your 16th birthday. In our parents Will it states, if our precious grand daughter Anuta continues to excel in all that she does and proves herself worthy of owning Sawmill Farm, then we Will Sawmil Farm to Anuta upon her 16th birthday to love and care for for the rest of her life as she has done to us.
Anuta, Sawmill Farm, your poppa and granny's home is yours now because of the agape love you have shown them and for your family from your heart.

Happy 16th Birthday from your poppa and granny and all of your family.

Anuta started crying. Each of her family members went to her and would hold her for a few minutes and would also get a little wet eyed with her and tell her she deserved this inheritance and how proud they were of her. Her uncle Tyler told her that this was meant to be and all her family were 100% in agreement with her inheritance of their family farm and home.

Her uncle Ken held her and told her how much her family loved her and he thanked her for the love and care she had always given to their parents. He told her how proud they were of her and knew that she was the only one of their family that deserved their family farm and would continue to care for it.

Her aunts Mary and Cyl held her and told her how proud and blessed they were to have a niece like her that loves and cares for their parents such as she does. We know in our hearts you will always love and care for our family farm and bring it back to life again in their memory and for your family.

Anuta walked to the front of the porch and looked out over Sawmill Farm with her mum and dad holding her. I love you my poppa and my granny. Thank you my poppa, thank you my granny. I will make you proud of me and never let you down just as you never let me down. We three always trusted each other and I promise you, you can trust me to continue to love and care for Sawmill Farm just like we three did together when you were still here on earth with me.

Snoopy, Beth, Elena and Olga came to her and held her and told her Sawmill Farm was meant to be for her and no one else. No one else loved Sawmill Farm more than you and poppa did. Poppa and granny left you Sawmill Farm because they knew only you could love and care for it just as they did.

So, an adopted 3 year old kid from Russia at the age of 16 years has inherited a loved and valued American family farm and home place as her own..awesome.

In the years to come when Anuta became an adult she would make her poppa and granny's home her home. Snoopy, Beth and Elena would build their homes next to Anuta's home and they would call it Sawmill Farm Village. Sawmill Girls Anna-Blue, Galina, Taty and Hankie would also build their homes there next to their Sawmill Girl sisters. The Sawmill Farm Kids Olga, Kathy, Kristian, Monkey, Lexie, Alla, Oksana, Julia, Tamara,  Sergie, and Tommy would also build their homes in Sawmill Farm Village.

They can all sit on their front porches and see the beautiful Sawmill Farm where they all grew up under the care of poppa and granny. They can see their poppa's now restored old red barn where they have many wonderful memories of playing in. They see the new and beautiful red barn called the Morgan Quarters that is the home of all the Sawmill Farm Morgan Horses, their Morgans, and the home of their beloved Kickass the mule and Beth's mule Roger she had inherited from her poppa.  Two cows they call South and North Pasture. The pond they spent many hours in as kids swimming and playing together. The field where they were taught how to plow a mule. The stream in which poppa taught all of them how to trout fish.

They will all tell you, poppa, granny, our parents and this farm are what made us who and what we are today. Successful adults.
They're raising their kids on their farm just as they were raised there also. A place to have fun and learn many things about life and a place to come to heal your heart if your heart ever needed healing.

With the help of her Sawmill Girl sisters, the Sawmill Farm Kids, all their families, the Sawmill Valley residents and their many wonderful friends Anuta is keeping her promise to her poppa and granny. To love, care for and preserve Sawmill Farm for another generation for kids to have a special place to come to and to learn many wonderful things about life and a place to heal their hearts if they ever had a need to.

In "The Dedication" hear Anuta's powerful and emotional speech to all the adopted kids here in Sawmill on how Sawmill Farm Village exploded to life for them in their lives especially the Sawmill Farm Kids and one kid in particular for Anuta.

Aunta doesn't consider herself the owner of Sawmill Farm and she will tell you, I am not the owner of Sawmill Farm, I'm just the caretaker of Sawmill Farm for my poppa and granny that loved me so.