In a matter of hours after what the Muskateers were planning to do with Sawmill Farm word begin to spread like a California wildfire all over Sawmill Valley and it's residents. The Kagen's phone were ringing so fast they couldn't keep up with the calls.

It seems all the Sawmill residents were excited about this and wanted to do their part to help the girls get started on their major barn and farm restoration projects. Soon Ed and Mike, Anuta and Snoopy's brother in laws married to their older sisters Carman and Michelle,  were calling and telling them to meet them at the barn after church the next morning. Ed and Mike own a constuction company. They had also made Elena's master carpenter dad a partner in their business with them and he would be there at the meeting with them.

Needless to say our Sawmill Girls were in a state of shock but sure were proud to see their family and the residents of Sawmill Valley giving them some major support.

It was decided they should have a good ole mountain music hoe down and dinner on the grounds the day everyone was to meet at the barn and get started restoring it back to it's natural beauty.

Join us soon when we do some pickin and grinnin, eating and much needed work on the girls barn.

Meet The Sawmill Potato Head Bluegrass Band

Sawmill Girls
Anuta-Guitar, Beth-Mandolin, Snoopy-Banjo, Elena-Auto Harpe, Anna Blue-Guitar, Galina-Wash Tub, Taty-Drums, Hankie-Harp.

Sawmill Kids
Scoot-Harmonica, Marina-Fiddle, Karen-Hand Saw, Olga-Dobro, Kabe-Fiddle
Leslie-Spoons & Bells, Slewfoot-Guitar, Kristian-Wash Board, Monkey-Guitar,
Ling Lee-Bass.

Sawmill Kids
Igor-Voice, Justin-Voice, Sergie-Voice, Booper-Guitar, Tom-Auto Harp,
Ricky-Bass, Hound Dog- 10 String.