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The Muskateers share some humor with each other.

Anuta has just inherited her poppa's farm. She, Snoopy, Beth and Elena are making their first trip back to the farm after she was told she had inherited it from her poppa. They're standing next to the barn that certainly needs a lot of repairs. They are age 16 now.

Anuta, WHAT the heck you gonna do now since you inherited poppa's farm??!!!
I have a plan! and it's NOT what I'm going to do but WHAT we're going to DO!
UH OH! The last time you had a plan we almost got arrested for identity theft and hauling some of that moonshine great grand poppa Kagen made 50 years ago!..and both in the same night!
WOW! Anuta you redneck I'll never forget that night ! My butt still has nitemares about that one ! When I'm in town now I'm always looking over my shoulder for the cops..and YOU have another PLAN! Wo Be Unto Our Butts Again!


Aunta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena are called "the muskateers" because of their famous food hunts in Sawmill.  Sometimes they'll call around to see what some of the Sawmill residents are having for their dinner. They'll discuss the different meals on which they like the best. They'll then show up at one of residents kitchens just in time to eat. Anuta and Beth have been doing that since about ages 8.

The Sawmill residents thinks this is funny and welcomes them to their dinner tables. I can tell you now, there are some mighty fine country cooking in this valley and those muskateers have been blessed by eating at everyone of their homes, more than one time.