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I've been reading this book for several weeks now and I need to say something. We read all the sad stories in peoples lives now on all the social networking sites and this is really sad for anyone reading them. In this ebook we're reading the stories of some of these nine girls that have bore the blunt of tragedies in the beginning of their young lives. I want to thank all of you girls for writing your stories and no doubt this is difficult for you to do. Through your religious beliefs and the love for you from your families you have buried your past and have moved on and upwards with your lives now. Thank you Beth for sharing your story of being a street kid and where you are in your life now. Thank you Elena for sharing your story about having a serious handicap and overcoming it and where you are in your life now. Thank you Snoopy for sharing your story about the loss of your mother at such an early age in life, your homesickness and where you are in your life now, and thank you for telling us about you Sawmill Girls and your family farm. Thank you Galina for sharing your story also about the loss of your mother at such a young age in your life and what life is for you girls farming your family farm on a daily basis and where you are in your life now
Charleston, SC.

You girls are the true meaning of bravey and family love. Thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories with us.
Tifton, Ga.

Your stories prove that no matter how bad an early childhood can be you can overcome those tragedies and move on with your life and become successful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories with us about what real life can be about and how you overcame a difficult childhood with love and care from your families and friends.
Tucson, AZ.

There's a time and season for everything and you girls have mastered all these times and seaons in your young lives it seems.
Thank you for sharing your stories with us and good luck always preserving and protecting your "family dirt".
Richard & Colen
Maggie Valley, NC.

First I would like to thank you for sharing your stores with us. Thank you Snoopy and Galina for telling us how you became Sawmill Girls and how you go about your daily lives on the farm. You've answered a lot of questions for us.

I sent Snoopy an email thanking her for their stories and thanking her for bringing the attention that kids do pray. I got a very nice reply from her several days later. In her reply she also said several of the Sawmill Girls, several Sawmill Kids and one Sawmill resident have sometimes been called Prayer Warriors. I know what a Prayer Warrior is and does and I priase them for what they do. I think it would be nice if the girls did a story on how they perform as Prayer Worriors and their praying as a Prayer Warrior.
Houston, Tx.

What a wonderful time I had reading all the material and watching the slide shows..Love you all...Blessings
Thomasville, USA

Just wonderful is all I can say about this book. Thank all of you for sharing your stories wih us.
Columbia, SC.

This book restores some of my faith in our kids today. I think our kids should read these girls Stories and try to learn from them. Thank you for sharing your stories.
Barnesville, Ga.

These kids have had real parenting. It makes me wonder if parents today understand and have real parenting in their homes.
Thanks for sharing your stories.

I usually don't take the time to read books on the internet but when I started this one I didn't stop until I had read all of it and look forward to more updates on the girls Stories. I'm sure it's difficult writing a personal story about what's happened and is happening in a person's live.  You girls are an inspiration to me and should be for anyone reading your stories and this book.
Tulsa, Okla.

You girls have restored some of my faith in our kids society today. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.
London, England

Thank you girls for your stories. You make me smile today. Girls can do serious work in their lives also.
Mexico City

Thank you our girls from Russia. You make us so very proud of you and you we thank.
St.Peterburg, Russia

I live in big city Moscow now. I remember so very fond memories of my grand parents small farm near to where I was born in Maria-el. Thank you for your stories. I will read more of your lives soon I hope.

Thanks Sawmill Farm Kids for the start on bringing your page to life. I read on the Sawmill forum where the Sawmill Girls post sometimes the Sawmill site is in the process of being rebuilt. I think it would be nice if you young adults would write your stores also and have them starting on the new Sawmill website.  I'm going to send Sawmill an email and ask them to discuss this with you.
San Pedro, Ca.
Reply 6/27/2015: Thank you for your suggestion Mr. Dan. We have discussed this and all agree to do so. We ask all of our readers to have patience with us. We're all adults now and rasing our families and time is limited for us. We all continue to have farm chores and also help the Sawmill Girls anytime they need us. All but two of us live in Sawmill but the other two have built homes here on the farm in Sawmill Village with us and will retire here. We know the struggles our Sawmnill Girls are going through writing their personal stories especially our Anuta and we're sure we'll have some struggles also. We all thank you for reading our book. SFK...Tommie

Love the music on your new page Sawmill Farm Kids. Looking forward to seeing your new page when it's finished.

I was reading the Sawmill forum recently and saw where Olga had posted saying they had been busy on the farm helping the Sawmill Girls get ther crops planted. She said now after this planting season maybe we'll have the time to build our Sawmill Farm Kid web page before harvest season starts for us. I can assure you Farm Kids many of your regular readers are excited to hear this.

You Sawmill Farm Kids are beautiful and show success in your young lives by looking at your pictures. Looking forward to when you get your page completed. You are going to show the guys I hope lol.
Paris, Tx.
Reply: Why you want to see their ugly mugs? lol ..Thank you for reading our book..SFK.. Katarina

Thank you Sawmill families for sharing your stories with us and thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories with us also. As I read through your book I feel as if all you kids writing your stories about your lives revolves around the love you received from your grand parents and your parents that have made you so successful in your young lives. I think every parent should read this book. I think a lot of parents, including myself,  would have their eyes opened more into  the hearts of their kids also. We look forward to the Sawmill Farm Kids stories and we hope the continuation of your beautiful book.
Hope & Brian
Denver, Co.

I was raised on a farm by my grand parents so I can related to all of you kids growing up on a farm with a poppa and granny like you had. I think most kids fortunate enough to have grand parents like we did will no doubt be as successfull as all of you and myself. Thank you so much for shraing your stories with us.
Sabre Lynn

I was adopted into a wonderful family when I was 7 years old. Sometimes I wonder where I would be in my life if it wasn't for the love and care my parents have given me from the first day I met them and continue to do so. I have kids now and they're the joy in the lives of my parents. Your stories are precious to me and have made me realize just how successful I am in my personal life because of my parents and grand parents. Thank you for sharing and please keep your book alive.
Toronto, Canada

You girls have given me the courage to write my own story and share it with my parents and grand parents. Thank you.
Morgan, Age 28
St. Croix

We adopted two beautiful daughters from Russia and now both of them are in college and are our lives. They've read your stories and both said wow we can relate to some things in their stories about homesickness, moving to a new country with a different lauguage and culture. They're both going to send you an email. Thank you for sharing with us.
William & Jean
West Palm Beach, Fla.
Reply: Thank you Miss Jean and Mr. William for reading our book. We've received emails from both your daughters. We're very busy on our farm at the present time and have made plans to meet them in a conference call when things slow down for us. We thank you most of all for the adoptions of your daughters.
Sawmill Girl Anuta.