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I would like to thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories with us that were also raised on a family farm. Your stories are such an inspiration for us and should be for anyone that reads them. May you be blessed in the years to come as you preserve your family farm heritage. Keep the book alive please and not just end it like an ordinary book.
Sam & Becca
Waco, Tx.

Sawmill Girl Snoopy, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with us. When I was reading the first couple of chapters my eyes filled with tears listening to you talk about losing your mum. After I read your first chapters I watched the slide show over again and no doubt I could pick you out. You're a beautiful young lady and have a love for God deep within your soul. It's a pity so many of our kids today doesn't have a relationship with God like you do. God Bless you Snoopy and all your Sawmill Girl sisters for the work you're doing preserving your family farm.
Atlanta, Ga.

Sawmill Girl Snoopy thank you so much for sharing your story. Reading your story I could tell you're one sweet and beautiful young lady that has your priorities in life just as they should be. You put God first in your life and have over come some serious things in your life.
San Diego, Ca.

Sawmill Girls thanks for sharing your stories with us. All of you had a story to tell about your experiences growing up and wonderful heart warming stories they are. Snoopy thank you for sharing your love of God with us. It was just awesome.
Warren & Aretha
Clemson, SC.

Amazing and heart warming is all I can say to you 9 Sawmill Girls. You have touched my heart at a time it needed touching. Thank you
London, England

You girls were meant to be. All of you have such different and heart warming stories and all of you landed flat on your feet in the same place to be together. Thank you for sharing your stories.
North Carolina

I'm excited. I'm from Thailand. Sawmill Girl Ling is from Thailand. I 15 age in years Ling is same. I read this book for sometime now. I send Sawmill Girl Ling email last week and she answer today with photo.  Thank you Sawmill Girl Ling. I continue to read book and wait for you story.

Updated 12/24/2013

First I would like to tell the Sawmill Girls thank you for sharing your stories. I've been following your book since the beginning, I have not only enjoyed reading it but have learned some things from it also. You are all very unique girls and have your priorites in the correct place. I too have written a Sawmill Girl and received a reply back from her. I wrote to Sawmill Girl Elena and thanked her for her story and the courage she had to learn how to talk. I also thanked her for waking me up to the fact we have a lot of people that can't talk and to help anyone using a handicap chair in our stores. She replied within a couple days and thanked me for reading their book. She also thanked me for realizing we do have a lot of handicap people in our society and they always need help. Thank you Sawmill Girl Elena and bless all of you.
Johns Creek, Ga.

Thank you Sawmill Girl Snoopy. Your story has encouraged me to make some changes in my life.
New Mexico

Thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stores. I'm enjoing reading your book very much.

I'm a teenage girl age 16. Peer pressure is just terrible on me and I think it is on all of us teenagers. Sawmill Girl Beth when I read your story and then what you had to say to the teenagers I thought to myself why can't I be like you. I've made up my mind to not let peer presure control me anymore. I'm going to send you an email soon. Hope to hear back from you.
Griffin, Ga.

Updated 12/31/2013 Comments for Sawmill Girl Snoopy's Story. We'll add more as time permits for us.

I've been following these girls book I guess from about the beginning. All this week I've been following the updates and reading each new chapter Snoopy has written on her Story and is sharing with us. Snoopy you made me feel as if I was right there with you in person. You carefully explained your feelings head on with us. I think it took a lot of courage in you to write your true feelings. I appreciate the prayers you closed each of your Chapters with. I've sent you an email.
Homer, La.

Snoopy your Story has touched our hearts. I think our kids would be much better adults, and us parents for them,  if they had at some point in their teenage lives sat down and written their feelings about what was going on their lives and then asked us to read their Stories. We thank you for sharing with us your true feelings with us.
Sammie & Alton
Columbia, SC.

Snoopy I'm a teenage girl that sometimes think I have a lot of problems with my parents not understanding me and it causes some friction between us. After reading your story and the comments about writing our own stories I'm going to get started on doing this tonight. When I get done with it I'm going to give it to my parents and my grandparents so they can read it. Thank you for giving me the courage and the idea to do this. I'm also going to ask them to read your story on this website. I'm going to send you an email soon.
Orlando, Fla.

Thank you Sawmill Girl Snoopy. Your story has opened my eyes to some things with one of our now adult kids. I need to give him a call now and discuss some things with him.
Dallas, Tx.

Thank you Snoopy for your beautiful story. I've had a step daughter since age 12 and now she's 30. I'm going over to her home right now and give her a hug and tell her how much I've always loved her as my own flesh and blood daughter.
Atlanta, Ga.

Awesome story Sawmill Girl Snoopy. Thank you for sharing your homesickness with us and the courage you had during this terrible time for you at such a young age in life. Homesickness in one of the worst pains a heart can have. I know.
Americus, Ga.

Beautiful presentation of your young life Snoopy. I felt your pain with you when I was reading your story. Homesickness can cause serious problems but thankfully you had a beautiful family that knew and never let you get away from them.
San Antonio, Tx.

I've had homesickness really bad before more than one time. My heart has never hurt as bad as during those times. Thank you Snoopy for letting us hear about this part of your life.
Savannah, Ga.

Loved your story Snoopy. I can relate to you being homesick when so young and it's not an easy feeling to live with and get over.
Nashville, Tn.

Snoopy you are one of my heros now. Thank you for sharing your story and keep up the work you girls are doing on your farm.
Sae Paulo

Updated 1/8/2014

Robert age 16
Atlanta, Ga.

YES WE PRAY!!! Thank you Snoopy!!
Cristie age 18
Miama, Fla.

Prayer is part of my daily life. Thank you Snoopy for  your story and pictures.
Judge age 15
Knoxville, Tn.

Maegan age 15
Cullman, Ala.

I Love To Pray!! Thank you Snoopy for bringing attention that teenagers do pray!
Catherine age 19
Fort Worth, Tx

THANK YOU SNOOPY! I'm a teenager and I PRAY! I can tell by your picture that you're a serious teenager!!
Pat age 16
Sandy Springs, Ga.

Updated 1/13/2014

I'm a physician. I very seldom add my thoughts to a guestbook but these stories have touched my heart. My daughter told me about this ebook and suggested I read it when I had the time. I've spent the last couple of hours reading and watching the slide shows but my mind always carries me back to theses kids stories and I read parts of them again.
I can just imagine how difficult it must have been for them to sit down and relive a part of their past that had tragedy, uncertainty and so much homesickness in them.  Anyone can write about all the good and pretty things about themselves but to write about all the bad takes courage. These girls have and are showing what they're really made of by writing their thoughts head on with their courage and the experiences they've learned from their young lives. Thank you Sawmill Girls for showing your strength and courage within your stories. You've made me more understandable and I'll listen to my patients more closely now.
Georgia, USA

Thanks for sharing your stories with us Sawmill Girls. Maybe I can sit down now and write me a story about my childhood and put it on my personal blog for my personal friends and family to read.
Plant City, Fla.

Thanks Snoopy for explaining how you got the name Sawmill Girls and thanks Galina for explaining the work involved to become a Sawmil Girl. Sure makes me understand parts of the book more now.
Anderson, SC

Thank you Snoopy for telling us how you became Sawmill Girls and love those pictures of kids praying. Thank you Galina for your humor telling us about your trials during a single day farming. I'm sure you all share a lot of humor together when in your tractors working.
Griffin, Ga.