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Sawmill Girls! We've just started reading your stories. You are 8 awesome girls and we thank you for sharing your stories with us. We look forward to every update on your web site. We'll be more than happy to make a donation to your children charities.

We too would like to thank the Sawmill Girls for sharing their stories. It's not often anymore that we can read such a postive story, especially in the internet. Your first slide show has put us in Sawmill Valley with you and you are  beautiful young ladies on a mission. My wife and I would like to make a donation also to your children charities.
Roger P.

This is one beautiful story about adoption. Thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories with us.
We too will make a donation.
Linda & Bob
Memphis, Tn.

Sawmill girls your story is touching our hearts. We always thought about adopting but the expense was beyond our means. We'll continue to follow your story and will be happy to make a donation also.
Cathy & Jerry
San Diego, Calif.

My husband and I have been to Moscow and have seen the street kids the author has come in contact himself with over there. It's heartbreaking to see so many kids on the streets begging in any city or country of the world. Sawmill Girls we'll continue to follow your story and will share it with others.
We too wish to make a donation to your children charities when you have the links available.
Cassie & Gene
Miami, Fla.

My sister called me tonight and told me about this site and I should read it. This a very real and touching story and I do believe these Sawmill Girls are out there. We were raised on a farm in Iowa. When I watched the first slide show my eyes filled with tears and the beautiful memories of growing up on a farm flooded my heart again. I can still fill the freshly plowed dirt of our farm under my barefeet like Anuta was doing on her first trip to her poppa's Sawmill Farm. There is nothing like walking through a freshly plowed field to soothe a mind. I wish I could travel to Sawmill Farm and give those 8 adopted Sawmill Girls a hug and tell them thank you for bringing back the beautiful memories of my childhood. I would also like to walk barefoot in your freshly plowed farm dirt. My sister and I would like to make a donation to your children's charities and we both tell you to keep going on your farm and return all your family of beautiful Morgan Horses back home with you where they belong. We love you Sawmill Girls.
Becky & Claire
Chicago, Ill.

I was born and raised on a farm in Kansas. Anuta's story and the The Sawmill Girls slide show have brought back memories for me that go deep into my heart. Our family farm is no longer in our family due to hard times. I think the day of the old family farms will soon disappear from our society and  that will be more of the American's family heritage gone forever. Thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories. Continue your work on your Sawmill Farm and get all your poppa's Sawmill family of Morgan Horses back home with you so you can love and care for them. I'll make a donation to your children's charities once you add the  links on your site.
Dallas, Tx.

This is a wonderful story and I will follow it to the ending. It reminds me of so many wonderful memories for me when I grew up on a farm in Ohio. I think anyone that grew up on a farm will love this story about these 8 Sawmill Girls. Aunta taking her first walk in freshly plowed dirt sure brings back warm memories for me. Thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories with us.
Cleveland, Oh.

What a beautiful a story! I'm from the city and this story and the slide show is flooding me with many wonderful memories of spending the summers on my grandparents farm in Missouri when I was a kid. I can relate to Anuta walking bare foot in her poppa's freshly plowed field. You Sawmill Girls are awesome and doing the correct thing by preserving your family farm. There are so few of the small family farms left anymore. Thanks for sharing your story Sawmill Girls.
Syracuse, NY.

I actually found this site by looking for sawmills in my area. Once I started reading I could not stop until I had read every part of it that's already been written. I also grew up on a family farm in Ohio that is now a shopping mall and interstate highway. It's a real pity to see our small family farms disappearing. Thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories and we'll continue to follow  you. Maybe it will open some eyes for a lot of people about our small family farms and adoption. It would be nice if you had a mailing list for the readers to get new updates on the book.
Randy & Jennifer
Bedford Heights, Oh.

This is a well written book and it will be interesting to find out how it ends. I love a good story but when eight of them are going on at the same time it captures my attention. The Sawmill Girls personal stories are heart warming and will put a tear in any eye that truly cares about our kids in today's society. When I read the "What The Heck We Gonna Do Now" intro I think the book will move into a lot of laughs as those eight girls become farmers and how they had to meet their challenge head on. I'm excited about Sawmill and will definitely continue reading it. I'll also make a donation to their chidren charites when the links are available.
Agoura Hills, Ca.

I think this is an amazing story and a story everyone should read especially our kids today. I was impressed and it was very heart warming to see an adopted kid inherit something as important as a family farm. I wasn't raised on a family farm but I have a friend that was. She is a physician here in Miami and will have no problem saying her roots are still on her family farm and that's where she will retire in a few more years. Thank you Sawmill Author for bringing this heart warming story to the internet and thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your story with us. I'll follow your story to the end and will make a donation to your children charites when you have the links ready.
Miami, Fla.

I've been following this story for a couple of weeks now. I know it seems to be in the beginning stages. The author has started adding to the site page telling us what we can expect as the book begins to come together for it's readers. I think it's a story worth telling. It's about what adoption should be like from the adoptive family. The Sawmill Girl's stories are very heart warming. It's interesting to read how they're over coming a difficult childhood life and with the help of their adoptive families their lives are moving up to a higher level. I think ever parent should read this story and realize they need to get more into their children's lives. Thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your story with us. My donation to your children charities will be sent when you have everything ready for us.
New York City

I would rate this story as serious, entertaining and well worth following to the end. It's about time we can read something good about our kids today that have so much peer presure on them. When I started reading it I had to laugh a little and say thank you for letting the world know girls can plow a mule and drive a farm tractor. I'm sure as the book progresses we'll have have a lot of laughs with these Sawmill Girls as they become farmers and work to restore their family farm back to the days Anuta's poppa was farming it. I'm sure growing up on a farm with grand parents like those girls had was certainly a lot of fun.
Thanks for sharing this story with us. It would be nice if you had mailing list to keep us updated and let us know when we can make a donation to your children charities.
Cybil & Kenneth
Toronto, Ca.

We love this storyand we'll continue to read it. Thank you for writing and sharing it with us.
Joe & Patty
Charleston, SC.

I just started reading this book today. When I took time to look over the site map page and read Let The Farming Lessons Begin I had the best laugh I've had in a long time. I can't wait until those stories are completed. I can just imagine four teenage girls learning how to drive a big tractor and the funny incidents taking place. I love this story and you bet I'll make a donation to their children charities.
Atlantic City, NJ.

I love this book of stories in the lives of these Sawmill Girls. I like the way the author is presenting it to us. Not one chapter after another chapter. It has a comical but serious side to it and seems to have no drama in it as the author stated in his intro. I'm enjoying reading it as it comes together...no extensive foul langage no disagreements except when Anna jumped on Blue. Thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories. I too will make a donation to your children charites.
Seattle, Wa.

It's not often we find a book such as this one. It's clean and beautiful and well written. I've been following it almost from the beginning and I feel good about it. Thanks to the author for telling us these Sawmill Girls stories.
Logan & Madison
Boones Mill, Va.

Way to go Sawmill Girls. It's nice to read something good about kids especially these girls learning to be farmers and preserving their family farm. Thanks for sharing and it would be nice if you had a mailing list to keep us informed of the updates.
Noah & Cathy
Magnolia, Ark.

I like this book. When I started reading it I thought maybe the author was having some problems with English. It finally dawned on me these girls live in the mountains and I think all mountain people have a dialect of their own and the author is using it to write these stories.  Keep up the good work Sawmill Girls. It would make a great movie.
Nashville, Tn.

I'm feel just like Mia wrote, I like this book too. I also like the way the author is not writing the book as if it was proofed by Websters Dictionary. I like the way he's using the local dialect where these Sawmill Girls live.
I'm enjoying reading stories that aren't full of four letter words and violence. I also laughed when I read about the stories to come when those girls start learning to drive their big farm tractors. I wasn't raised on a farm nor have I ever spent any time on one but I do think these are stories worth telling. I'll certainly continue to follow it and I do wish those Sawmill Girls well in their quest to preserve their family farm and I'm sure they'll succeed. Thanks for sharing your stories with us Sawmill Girls.
Boston, Ma.

We've been reading this book for a few weeks now and we're enjoying it very much. We kept wondering about there being 8 Sawmill Girls and we're reading about only 4 of them. We decided to send the author an email from their contact page expecting to hear nothing back from anyone. Well, to our surprise a few days later we received and email back from the author explaining how the next 4 Sawmill Girls would be introduced into the book. He also thanked us for taking the time to read the stories of the Sawmill Girls.
We also asked him to please make a mailing list so the readers could get updates and he told us a mailing list was in the making. It's nice to read about real life and families adopting kids and loving them as their own. Thank you Sawmill Girls for your stories.
James & Cathy
Bear River City, Utah

Wonderful stories and not written like a book going from page to page in perfect literature. I'm enjoying reading it very much and thank you Sawmill Girls for sharing your stories with us. Please add me to your mailing list.
London, England

Awesome book! I own a Morgan Horse!!! I wish I could be a Sawmill Girl!!!
Mailing List Please!
Madison, Age 16
Morris, Ala.