Sawmill Author's Overnight Flight From Atlanta To Moscow

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I invite you to fly along with me on a beautiful overnight flight from Atlanta to Moscow on a trip to Stary Oskol for a visit with my extended  Russian family and friends. especially a 12 year old.

You will see my drive to the Atlanta Airport and some views inside the International Terminal. You will see the plane leaving the gate and taxing out to the runway and then see the plane lifting enroute to Moscow.

On this flight the plane took the northern route over the middle of Canada where you will see one of the most beautiful sunsets my eyes have ever watched from the window of a plane.
When the sunset got started it flooded the cabin with bright orange and yellow lights and lasted a long time. Everyone in the cabin got very quiet and all eyes were looking out the windows at this beautiful sunset.

It seemed if a peace had settled over all of us in the cabin as we watched this beautiful sunset from the windows of the plane. I don't think we could even hear the drone of the engines anymore.

On this flight this night there were a lot of young married couples, many more than I had seen before on this flight, going to Russia to meet the kid they were going to adopt. Some were going back for a visit with their kid and some were going back for their court date so they could bring their new adopted kid back home to America with them.

I felt like this was a very special flight that night and was the work from the Heavens above. I felt if God was holding this Delta plane in his hands to deliever all these young couples going to Russia to "give the gift of life to a kid"...adopting a kid into their family as their own.

The Sawmill Author

The Atlanta to Moscow Flight is now being updated with new pictures. We hope to have it available October 2014