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Join us later this Summer for a slide show of some of the beautiful Sawmill Farm Morgans

You'll meet: Sawmill Anuta and her colt Sawmill Farm, Sawmill Beth, Sawmill Snoopy, Sawmill Elena, Sawmill Karen, Sawmill Marina, Sawmill Scoot, Sawmill Annablue, Sawmill Galina, Sawmill Taty, Sawmill Hankie, Sawmill Kristian. You'll get to see the beautiful Morgan Quarters home of all the Sawmill Farm Morgans and more of the Sawmill Morgans on the farm.

"Horses Never Lie About Love"

"A horse's love is never somtimes
Never part time
A horse's love is always full time"

"My horse is my soul mate"

"I stop in my tracks when I see the Sawmill horses out trotting and playing"

"I trust my Morgan with my life and my kids"

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