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Anna & Blue Kagen...1 son, 15 daughters, 17 grand kids.
Anna and Blue have the largest family in Sawmill. Blue has four daughters by a previous marriage. Carman, Michelle, Penny and Julie. Blue adopted Karen from Stary Oskol, Russia when she was 8 years old. When he and Anna married and she relocated to Sawmill from Stary Oskol he adopted Anna's daughter Anuta and son Igor. They have two together Annablue and Tatyana(Taty). They then adopted Marina from Stary Oskol, Scoot from Thailand, Galina from Stary Oskol, Elena from Stary Oskol, Snoopy from Moscow, Little Lena from Perm, Precious from Moscow. Anna and Blue just lumped them all together and claim all of them to be ours no questions asked. They all live in Sawmill under the watchful care of mum Anna.

Anna and Blue are the proud parents of five Sawmill Girls. Anuta, Snoopy, Annablue, Galina and Taty and this Spring Lena will begin earning her stripes to be a Sawmill Girl.

Anna, what were your thoughts when you first arrived here in Sawmill?
The first thing that got my attention was how beautiful it was here. The quiet was just unreal for me after living in a large city all my life. I felt for sure I was in a wilderness that I had never visited anytime in my life and never knew existed. Sawmill back then was nothing like what you see today. The only folks living here were the Kagen family and a handful of local residents. What few roads we have here in Sawmill back then were narrow and had very little gravel on them.

Blue's home was new and a lot smaller than what you see now. As our family grew we had to keep adding on bedrooms, bathrrooms and finally this big den you see next where we're sitting here at my kitchen island. Our kids were small and we were running out of room for all of us to be together and for them to be able to play together. Our lives then, and today, revolved around our kids and we were getting the squeeze put on us because of a small family room.

The first time Blue took me to the farm we stopped where Scoot would built her home. At that time we had no idea our beautiful Scoot even existed. When I got out of the truck and looked down my eyes had never seen such a beautiful farm valley in my life. That was my first trip there. We went out to the farm to get Anuta from her poppa and take our first trip to town. That first ride into town let me know we were living in an area on the back side of no where and this began to scare me.

I began thinking that here I am away from society and a city, I don't know the language all that well, I've not known these people but a few weeks at the most, I cannot drive a car, I am no longer in my homeland with my family and friends.
I am no longer in control of my life. WHAT am I doing here? The only things that saved me from returning back to Stary Oskol was Anuta and the love she and poppa were bonding together with and Karen.

Karen was the only other kid here in the home then and her being from Stary Oskol and knowing Russian kept me returning. Karen was really beginning to look up to me as her mum. One day she came in the kitchen and asked...hey mum, anything I can help you do today? I knew she had never called another women her mum since the death of her mum and that went straight to my heart. I hugged her and told her just accepting me as her mum was all I needed from her. She said aw shucks mum, I was just waiting for the right time. You're homesick so now is the right time. she hugged my neck and said you going to be just fine mum. Let's go ride our horses. I had NEVER been on a horse in my life and man that first time is nothing to brag about.

The first adoptd kid for you and Blue other than Karen already being here?
That would be our beautiful red head daughter Marina. I got an email from one of the sisters in the hospital where our Galina's mum and me worked together. She told me about this kid that was very sick and had lived most of her life in a Home in the small city of Gubkin near Stary Oskol.
She said this kid needed medical treatment from a hospital here. I told her I would call her on the phone soon.

To make a long story short Blue and his mum and sisters left for Stary Oskol that same night and got this kid and brought her back here and look at her now. Healthy, beautiful, the mum of our Annie, and the financial ceo of our family business and loved by all.

Laughing Anna says, Ah man that Scoot is a work of art. Not much bigger than her little sister Elena but boy howdy she sure totes a big stick in our business and with her sisters. She and her brother Igor are as close as it gets between siblings. She'll bust an ass before it knew what hit it. I had a judge tell me recently that when he sees Scoot's going to be in his court on a contract hearing he needs to take pain and nerve pills. He said I sure am glad scoot is a corporate lawyer and not a trial lawyer.
I couldn't stand the explosion coming from that skinny girl when she would cross examine anyone.

How did you find Scoot?
Our Scoot came to us through a private adoption in Thailand. Jeannie has a Thai college sorority sister from Thailand and they have remained friends and stay almost in a daily correspondence with each other. She told Jeannie about this kid that lost her parents. She said this kid has a set of grand parents living but can't take care of her so she's got to go to a home. She was 12 years old then.

She came to the house and told Blue and me about it. We made some phone calls over there and then Blue and Jeannie went over there to meet this kid we now call Scoot. He emailed some photos of her and said he was going to start the adoption process. We talked on the phone and just joking with him I said ok no problem but where we're going to put her since we've run out of bedrooms. I'd rather not tell you his reply.

Blue stayed two weeks with her and when he got home he told me about her grand parents and how very nice people they were.
When it came time for the court hearing we had to be there. After the hearing was over Blue and me flew back home and left Scoot there with Jeannie and her grand parents for another week. Scoots adoption went down pretty fast for us because Jeannie's friend was the judge.

Blue, Igor, Karen, Marina and me were hopping trying to get things ready for her when Jeannie brought her home too us.
We bought two single beds and put Scoot in the bedroom with Karen. Scoot knew very little English when she got here but she learned it very quickly. Man that Scoot could and still can out eat any of her sisters and brother. We wonder where in the world does all that food go when she's poking food in her mouth.

How did she get the name Scoot?
Laughing Anna say Heck no one could pronounce her name, Karen started calling her Scoot because she was never still and was scooting all over the place, and has not changed a bit either.

Her grand parents live in Sawmill with us now.
 Yes they do. We relocated them here when Scoot had been here a year. Awesome people and loved by everyone here.

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