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Marina Anna Blue Kagen
Marina was adopted by Anna and Blue Kagen at the age of 10 years old. Marina is known and called as one of The Big Three. Marina holds a BA Degree in Accounting from UGA. She holds a Master's Degree in Finance from UGA and she was awarded her PHD in International Accounting and Finance. Marina is the Finance Director in her family's coporations. Marina has a Commercial pilot's license and is a 1st Officer on their familly's Gulfstream G5 jet. Marina is the adoptive mum to girl from Oskol and everyone of us says she looks just like her great great grandmother Annabelle Kagen. Marina is also one awesome fiddle player taught by her poppa.

Marina, I would like to thank you for sitting down with me today here on poppa and granny's front porch looking out over the beautiful Sawmill Farm.
Well it's my pleasure and you're certainly welcome.

Marina, how are things going for you in your life now?
My life is a blessed life and I am considered their miracle kid by everyone that knows me and lives here in this valley we call Sawmill. I have a large very loving and caring family that tells me eveyday they love me. I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter we call Annie. I named her after my great grandmother Annabelle Kagen that I remember and loved very much. I have a wonderful job and a set of parents like no other.

Please tell us how you came to call Sawmill your home.
I was a very young kid living in the city of Gubkin, Russia very near to Stary Oskol. I had no family and never remember having one and I was living in a Home. When I was 10 years old I became very sick. I was carried to the hospital in Oskol very very sick. The doctors and sisters told the Home I was in critical condition and would die if I could not be transferred to a kids hospital in Atlanta, Georgia that knew how to treat me.

The sisters in the hospital knew my now mum Anna had been a surgeon there so they called her here in Sawmill and told her about me and told to her I would die within a week if I could not get treatment in Atlanta. The next afternoon an American man now my dad, his sisters and my now granny walked into my room. They all had smiles on their faces and came to me hugged me and kissed me and told me they loved me.

My dad told to me they had come for me and were going to carry me back to America with them to a hospital for kids that would make me well again. I was so very sick I don't think I really knew what was taking place. They then introduced to me a lady by the name of Cindy and told me she was a critical care nurse and was their friend and lived in the same place they did. This lady Cindy hugged and kissed me, told me she also loved me and was going to take care of me on the plane to America.

I remember a little about being put in the plane and now to me it looked like an emergency room with all the equippment in it. I was later to learn this was their family jet. Soon after I was put on the plane I was put to sleep for the long flight back to America. I remember nothing what so ever about that flight.

When we landed in Atlanta at a small airport Cindy woke me up and told me we would soon be riding in an ambulance to the kid's hospital where I would be treated and made well again. I remember seeing a lot of people there later to find out that was going to be my new family and friends.

One kid came to me and hugged me and told to me her name was Karen and we were going to be sisters very soon. She was also talking to me in Russian. She told to me I'm going to ride in the ambulance with you to the hospital and hold your hand so maybe you won't feel lonely. This she did and sometimes would kiss me on the head and told me she loved me and I was going to be ok and soon we would be playing together at our home in Sawmill.

This beautiful lady came to me and hugged me and told me in Russian I was so precious for her and she loved me and I was now to call her mum. I was so sick I don't think I was understanding any of this. She rode in the ambulance also holding one of my hands.

The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital the next day with my new mum, dad, Karen, Igor and my poppa and granny sitting all around me. My aunts Jeannie, Cly, Mary, Carrie, Lena and my uncles Ken and Tyler were there also.  Karen and my mum stood up and came and hugged me and told to me I was so very beautiful and they loved me so very much. Everyone else in that room came and hugged me and told me they loved me and I was so special for them.

My mum told to me that I was in the kids hospital in Atlanta and it's one of the best in the world to treat sick kids and I was going to be made well in a few weeks. My poppa came to me and hugged and kissed me and told to me he was so proud to have me for his new grand daughter and then my granny came and said the same things to me. I was feeling a warmth in me like I had never felt before. My dad came to me and told to me he loved me so very much. He hugged and kissed me and put a beautiful teddy bear next to me that says Dad Loves You on it.

I still have that teddy bear in a glass case on the wall at the end of my bed so I can see it every night when I go to bed and see it when I wake up every morning.

It seemed to me that just about all day everyday the doctors and nurses were giving me treatments. Karen, my mum and granny never left me for a minute while I was in the hospital. Karen would sit on my bed next to me it seems like all day and night holding my hnad and talking to me and telling me how much fun we would soon be having when I went home with her.

At that time I had no idea what was wrong with me nor did I know the doctors had told my new family it was going to take a miracle for me to live much longer. Later in my life I found out that many people were praying for me, all my family and everyone that lived here in Sawmill was praying just about all day and all night for me.

I also think in my heart this family knew if I was going to leave this life as we know it, they wanted me this young kid that didn't know her biological family, would not leave this life without knowing she really did have a family near to her that loved her and would not leave lonely.

Well, here I am now years later very healthy and very happy. I was loved back to being healthy. Thank you everyone of my family and friends here in Sawmill and thank you God for listening to their prayers and making me healthy again. Love You I do.