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Lena and Tyler Kagen
Lena is the twin sister to Anna, not identical twins, and a sister to Carrie. Lena and Tyler have one kid from Tyler's first marriage and two adopted sisters from Stary Oskol. Their oldest is Justin married to Liza and they have three kids one being adopted from Perm. Liza is from Stary Oskol. Cristie arrived to Sawmill with her mum Lena and was soon adopted by Tyler. Tyler has raised Cristie in his heart as his own daughter and has just recently retired and given his corporation to her. Their adopted twins are loved and accepted as their own daughters. When Lena and Tyler adopted their twins they had very serious eye problems but with much love and care from their new parents and several surgeries they now have almost 20/20 vision.

Hi Lena and thank you for sitting down with me today.
It's my pleasure and welcome to our home.

Tell us about meeting Tyler for the first time.
Lena laughs and says man what a life changing day that was for Christie and me. We didn't meet Tyler the first time Blue came to meet Anna and the kids. She met him in Moscow at the airport. At that time Blue didn't have permisson to fly K1 to our small airport here in Stary Oskol so she rode the overnight train to Moscow. Blue had rented an apartment for them in Moscow and was going to spend five days with Anna there. Carrie kept Igor and I kept Anuta while she was gone.

When she got home from Moscow she was excited about meeting Blue, and he had also bought her some much needed new clothes. She told us all about their meeting and Blue was returning back to Russia in four weeks. She said he would be here for two weeks then and they would come to Stary Oskol. She mentioned to me his brother Tyler would be coming along also and asked me if he could stay with us. I agreed. You have to understand that our apartments in Russia would fit in the living room of American apartments so we always had to share a place to sleep for others guest sometimes.

When Blue returned in four weeks they still didn't have permission to fly K1 here to Oskol so Anna rides the overnight to Moscow again and meets him at the airport. K1 has to have two pilots on her and that is the reason Tyler came with him both times.

When they got to our apartment building their asses were worn out from the 13 hour train ride. I'm sure riding a Russian train for them was a new experience. After the introductions Tyler came to our apartment, was very nice and thanked us. I made him a hot bath and told him to go get in and let the hot water relax him. After about an hour I knocked on the door and asked him if he was ok. He didn't answer so being concered I opened the door and his ass was sound asleep.
I closed the door and went to fix us some lunch.

When I had lunch ready I banged on the door with a shoe and told him lunch was ready. He came out the door a few minutes later grinning. He apologized for going to sleep and I told him no problem I knew he was tired. We sat down and had a pleasant lunch together all the time grinning at Christie. Laughing Lena said that Christie still remembers that and has never let him forget it.

I had to go to the city center to buy a few more groceries at the food magazine (grocery store) and asked him to come with us. He said great and he would buy anything we needed. He asked me how we would get there and I said walk. How far is it? fifteen minutes I told hiu. When we went out the door I put my arm in his. We call that escorting in Russia and it's just what we do. He grinned and I told him why I was doing this so not to get any ideas.

He had a difficult time keeping up with my long legs walking and trust me, I was on a mission to get there and back so I showed him no mercy. Christie thought it was funny as heck. When we went inside the magazine he got a buggy and filled that thing up with food, drinks and anything else he could throw in there. When it was time to leave he realized what he had done and decided we needed to get a taxi. That Christie was sure giving him a hard time and he was loving it.

He asked me the next morning why Christie was wearing the same clothes again. I told him she has only two changing of clothes and we have no washer and dryer like you do in America and clothes are to expensive for us. Tyler said to heck with that, come on show me the clothing stores here. Man he bought us more clothes in two hours than we had ever owned in our lives and would not take no for an answer.

Blue finally got permission to fly K1 to Stary Oskol so they began to come every four weeks sometimes just every two weeks. We would meet them at the airport and wham bam another round of at least a week with the Kagen brothers.

I'll say this about Tyler, from the first day Christie and I met him, he's been a very caring and loving man to us and provided us whatever we needed or thought we needed. He and Christie are like two peas in the same pod, as is said here in America, and he would kill any ass if he thought someone was going to harm us. Tyler and our twins are something to deal with also so I finally gave up and told them you three deserve each other. Man they are always getting into something that boinks me out but, they have a dad-daughter relationship what would warm any heart and soul.

Blue relocated Anuta and Igor to Sawmill with him and six months later our sis Carrie and me were on K1 with fiance visas in our passports. So, here are three sisters married to three brothers here in Sawmill. Is a hoot and she laughs

Tyler had told me all about his son Justin when we were still in Stary Oskol and everything he told me about this kid was true. He brought Justin over to meet Christie and me and I just fell in love with him. He was extremly intelligent, very well mannered and looked just like Tyler.

When Justin warmed up to me he would always try to be near me. Tyler had already asked me to marry him and I accepted. I asked Justin to go to the food magazine with me one afternoon. He asked me just the two if us?
I told him yes and we would stop at a Koisk in a pretty park and get an ice cream. I could tell this excited him and in my mind I was wondering why this kid had latched on to me like he had done. Tyler and Christie had made other plans for that afternoon so Justin and me could have some time to ourselves alone.

When we left the apartment building and started walking to the city center I reached down and got his hand. What he said next blew my heart to the next sleeping block. He asked me, why are you holding my hand Miss Lena? I told him
we do this in Russia and it's called escorting. I stopped walking and looked down at him and told him, and you're a special kid for me Justin. At this time Tyler and me had not told our kids we were going to get married. We were going to do this tonight at dinner.

Justin looked back up at me with some wet eyes and I asked him if he was ok. He asked me if I was going to be his mum. I told him he would find out tonight when we all had dinner together. He looked into my eyes and said I will tell my dad that I want you to be my mum. Since I've been with you for only these few days here in your home you've been more of a real mum to me than all the years my other mum was to me. Man I'm here to tell you now that really was touching to me.

That night when we told our kids we wanted to get married and they would always come first in our lives they both jumped up at the same time and yelled...we knew it we knew it! All Tyler and me could do was laugh. When Christie
and me got here to Sawmill Justin was the big brother, let everyone know he was the big brother and if you mess with my sister you will get an ass beating. Those two developed a beautiful brother sister relationship that is still just awesome.