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Cyl Kagen. (Klytia)
Originally from Italy adopted by Johnathan and Hanna Kagen at the age of 5 years. Cyl, as we call her, is now 66 years of age and is a retired dress designer and manfacturer. Cyl received a Masters in Art & Design from UGA and later was awarded a PHD in Communications. Cyl has one daughter Klytia and we call her Kabe. Cyl is one of the founders of the family's aviation business and is now retired from that also.

Good afternoon Cyl and thank you for sitting down with me on this beautiful sunny day here on the porch of your family home.
Well your always welcome here on this front porch and our farm.

Cyl please tell us about your family.
Well I have one beautiful and intelligent daughter that has my same name but we call her Kabe because it fits her. Laughing Cyl says she is a Sawmill Kid through and through and has no intentions of living anywhere but right here in this valley.

She plays fiddle and took my place in our aviation business. She has a Masters in aerospace engineering and is working on a PHD in computer sciences. She has always been a tom boy, loves her Morgan, loves the farm and spends most all of her free time out here on the farm. Really misses her poppa and granny just like all the kids here do.

Tell us about growing up in this home and on this farm.
Those were the best years of my life and still are. Life was so much more simplier back then for us as kids. We lived here in this beautiful country home on this farm, had plenty of food to eat and nice clothes to wear but life was still tough here in these mountains.

There was no industry for jobs here back then and most families in these mountains struggled to provide for each other. We had some tourism and the moonshine trade. Making and hauling shine was probably the best source of income here at the time. We all laugh and joke about our dad's corn crops being grown for the moonshiner's stills but the true is probably that's where more of his corn went too. Jeannie swears by her theory that our corn crops paid for our college educations. Are we ashamed of it, heck no that's part of our mountain heritage here.

Eventually a crooked real estate devloper from Atlanta showed up here and started buying people's family land for practically nothing to develop vacation and summer homes on. That's what ruined a lot of our family heritage lands here in these mountains. Like most devlopers I've ever know it' all about money and greed.

He showed up out here one time and tried to tell our dad this was the way to go. Dad told him the only way to go is for you to take you greedy lying sorry ass out of this valley or you may disappear never to be seen again. He told my dad you're theating me. Dad laughed at him and told him you can call it what you want but you will never own any Sawmill land, and he was right.

A few months after Anuta inherited most of this valley he contacted her. Anuta told him I suppose you forgot what my poppa told you the first time you showed up out here trying to scam his land from him. She told him we're latched keyed in here now. I'm going to call our security office and tell them if you ever try to set foot in here again for them to shoot your crooked ass and drag you off in the bushes and let the varmits have you for a meal.

Needless to say he tried to make something out of that and he got a very nice letter from Scoot backing her sis up on that remark. Never heard from him again. He had no idea he had met his match with Anuta when he talked to her in town that day. Anuta plays no games with anyone about her land and her home that she inherited from her poppa and granny. Anuta is the sweetest kid you could ever want to meet but she can also get mean as hell if she has too and will take nothing off anyone.

Laughing Cyl says no doubt she was taught well by her poppa and dad and is just like her poppa in many many ways. She was chewing on her uncle Ken's butt one day about something and he started laughing at her. He told her I'm standing here getting my ass chewed out from my niece and he said you look and sound just like your poppa getting on me. Anuta laughed and said GOOD!, you know I mean what I'm saying to you then and Ken laughed and told her I shoooo do!

All in all our family has a lot of humor between us and I think a lot of that goes back to how our parents treated us. Our parents never talked down to us and would always listen to us when we had something to say.
We worked on the farm and had fun doing it because our dad made work fun for us.

He paid us fifty cents a day and then on Saturdays when we went to town he would give each one of us a dollar. That was a lot of money for a kid back then. We all still have that money in those savings accounts dad gave us back then.

I remember we had a lot of family picnics on Sundays after chruch and it was a fun time for all of us. We had our own ball team and had some really brutal softball games between us out there on that farm. There is no way any of us would have wanted a different lifestyle than what we had growing up here on our farm with our parents and each oher.

Our childhood memories of growing up on this farm are cherished by all of us and we passed that on down to our kids. All of them remember their poppa and granny and the things they learned from them just as we did.