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Carrie and Ken Kagen
Carrie and Ken have five daughters. Two of their daughters are from Ken's previous marriage, Kathy and Hankie and the two younger ones are Carrie and Ken together. Carrie calls them Number 1 and Number 2. The youngest daughter they call Rambler was adopted at age 5 from Stary Oskol and is now 10 years of age.

The tall and beautiful Carrie is from Stary Oskol also and is the youngest sister to Anna and Lena. Carrie and Ken are the proud parents of Sawmill Girl Hankie. Kathy graduated from a university in Stary Oskol and is now the CEO of her family corporation with her office located  in Sawmill. More on Kathy later and why she chose the university in Stary Oskol.

Hi Carrie and thank you for sitting down and talking with me today out on your beautiful deck over looking the lake.
It's my pleasure and always nice to have a Sawmill friend over for a visit.

Carrie, tell us about how you met Ken and your relocation to Sawmill.
I met Ken through my sister Anna after she had relocated here to Sawmill with her husband Blue, I think maybe 6 months after she got here with Anuta and Igor. We were talking on the phone and she told me about Blue's brother Ken. Our sister Lena, who is a twin sister to Anna but not identical twins, was in a serious correspondence with their brother Tyler.

Anna introduced Ken and me in a three way phone call one day. Tyler was flying over the next Friday to spend a week with Lena. Ken asked me instead of a lengthy email and phone correspondence would it be ok if he came over with Tyler and we go ahead and meet in person. Laughing Carrie said I told him sure! come on!

To make this short, When Ken got here I was ready for a joke and a let down but what showed up here was a very respectful man to me that took a lot of care and in understanding me not speaking English and my feelings. He was being so shy and respectful to me that I'm the one told him it would be ok if he held my hand and kissed me. Man that Ken's ass fell apart on me when I told him that. That sure was funny to me. I think he was afraid of me and I discoverd he was a little on the shy side too.

Six months later Lena and me were on K1 with fiance visas in our passports flying to Sawmill. I was sitting across from Lena on K1 and asked her, what the hell we getting our asses into sis? Man Lena and me laughed for an hour over that one. We knew our sis Anna and our niece and nephew were in Sawmill and had been there for a year. They seemed very happy so we thought what the heck, if it doesn't workout we at least got to see our family, Sawmill and America. Man that was funny flight for us the way we were talking and thinking.

But, it did work out for both of us and Sawmill is our home and will continue to be. We both have beautiful familes here that love and care for us so here is where all of us will stay and grow old together.

Kathy and Hankie?
Whew, less than a year after I got here Ken had to take custody of both the girls and move them here with us. They both were NOT happy kids when they had to relocate here with a step mum and her being Russian too. They tried everything they could to make my life miserable as hell and get me to leave. They had no clue what my soul is like nor my patience and didn't realize they were losing their battle with me.

I more or less let them come to me and let their hearts start bonding with my heart and I did this very quietly and with much patience. I had already learned to drive so I started driving them to school and also getting them after school.
They would never speak to me during this time. I would just smile and wink at them, wish them a great day in school and call me if you needed anything.

I would just show up everytime they had someting going on in school and let them see me there supporting them. I would smile, wink and wave to them and sometimes give them a thumbs up. Kathy asked me one time why was I treating them like they're my daughters. I look at Kathy, gave her a pretty smile and told her, Kathy in my heart you and Hankie are my daughters and I love you so.

About two weeks later I was sitting at my paino playing. Kathy came up and asked me if she could sit on the bench with me. I said why certainly and slid over so she could sit down. I had no idea if this was going to be a good call or a bad call from her. She told me the next day was the daughter - mom's lunch together and afterwards there would be some outside activities together. Kathy said I have no mum so would you come and be my mum tomorrow?

My heart almost stopped beating when she asked me that. I asked her what time did she want me there and she said about 11:30 and wear jeans. I said no problem and I will be there and support you as your mum. She looked at me and said thanks mum, see you in the morning at breakfast. I went outside and cried for 30 minutes when she went back to her room.

The next day when I got to the school and went inside Kathy came up to me and put a sticker on my shirt that said I am Kathy Kagen's Mom. I still have that sticker in a frame that sits on my piano. We go into the school dining room and sit down and the kids start introducing their moms.

When it got time for Kathy to introduce me we stood up and she said, I would like to introduce my mum to you. Her name is Carrie and she's from Stary Oskol, Russia. She loves my sis Hankie and me very much and we love her also and I thank her for coming to be with me today.

Man that went straight to my soul and it took all I could do to hold myself together the rest of the day. Everyone in there stood up and started clapping and welcoming me to American and their school. We had an awesome time together that afternoon and still talk about it sometimes together.