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The Kagen Family

We introduce you to the intermediate Kagen Family that are the closest living decendants of Andrew and Mary Beth Kagen that homesteaded Sawmill in 1830. Through meeting the sisters of Blue, Ken and Tyler you will learn more about how life was for them growning up in Sawmill and on Sawmill Farm. When you meet the wives of Blue, Ken and Tyler you will learn how these three beautiful sisters manage their large familes. Jeannie, Mary and Cyl will be the first ones to tell you that Sawmill is what it is today because of Anna, Carrie and Lena. Some of them are still writing their Stories.




The Big Three...Karen, Marina and Scoot Kagen. Power houses in their family. All three of them are adopted by Blue and Anna Kagen and are now the CEO's of their family's corporations. Each of them have a heart warming Story to tell. You will hear each one of them tell how heart breaking it was for them when they took control of their family businesses from their dad and why they felt like they had to do it.

Marina tells her heart warming Story of how she was dying with an incurrable disease, how the Kagen family went to Russia and brought her back and prayed for her and loved her back to health. Marina gives the most detailed version of the road map they made to retire their dad with their concern and love for him when they took over their corporation.

Scoot tells how she lost her parents in a tragic accident, how the Kagen family found her in Thailand and how the Kagen family brought her to Sawmill and loved her heart to cherish the memories of her parents and move on in her life with her new family.

I asked all three of them when I was discussing their lives with them, are you a city, country or mountain girl and where do your roots come from. Be sure to read their Stories and you will hear where all three of them gave me the same answer.
  Sawmill Author