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The Johnathan-Hanna Kagen Memorial Sawmill Farm Barn Dedication Ceremony

Sawmill Girl Beth Speaks
I think that night Snoopy just told you about was one of the major factors in the decision for us to continue on with our farming and Morgan projects. We had been riding on a high up until that night when Elena made the comment about our equipment sitting out in a cold winter unprotected.

We got started immediately looking at plans for barns. I think we must have looked at every barn plan ever been drawn before. We went and looked at other big barns in our area but could not find what we were looking for. One evening Anuta said Beth you've been learning Autocad from dad now for a couple of years. Why don't we just design our own barn and you draw up the plans for us. I ask Anuta if she was crazy and she started laughing. She said Beth you said the same thing a year ago when we were standing on the west terrace and I told you I had a plan and look where we are now.

I'm here to tell you now that girl Anuta makes Elena, Snoopy and me have more serious ass crashes than anything else in this world does. Here we were age 16 and suppose to be wearing bikinis and trying to get the guys to chase us. Instead that girl Anuta had our asses riding in big tractors plowing fields from sun-up until late at night a lot of times. Dang, and now she had asked me to draw a set of plans for a new big ass horse barn! WOW we still love you though Anuta!

We started by drawing a rectangle and then made that rectangle grow as we designed everything we thought we needed on the inside of our new barn. We would go outside with a long tape measure and lay it out on the ground and get a real life idea of what we were looking at.

Once we had everything like we wanted it I then started drawing a set of serious plans for it. I would hit a wall and haul ass over to uncle Blue's office and borrow architectural maunals to make sure I was getting everything dead on. He would laugh at me but never and I mean he NEVER asked me what I was drafting. I sho am glad too so I wouldn't have had to tell a fib to him. The four of us had made a decision not to tell anyone about this period until we were through with the plans.

I have no idea how many changes we made in that design but soon we had hit on what we wanted and thought we needed with a new barn for us and Sawmill Farm.

We had the measurements on the plans so we went out to the farm. We went up on the terrace with some string and stakes and started laying it out. Soon we had run out of room on the terrace, sorta looked at each other and laughed so hard we had to lay down on the ground.

Man this was a BIG barn not to mention we had made it three stories high and with a more or less basement in it. You folks out there looking up at it can sho tell this to be the truth now can't you. WOW what in the world had we done and hit the ground laughing again.

WOW our butts are suppose to be wild ass teenage girls NOT farmers and big ass barn designers and builders WOW we love what we're doing!

I would like to thank everyone of you folks for joining us tonight as we not only dedicate this new big ass barn we call the Morgan Quarters but also to celebrate the life of our precious poppa and granny Kagen. Through their strength and love for us we've built a beautiful new barn to remember and honor their memory in our hearts forever for all the love and care they gave to us as kids growing up on our beautiful Sawmill Farm. Thank you.

God Bless each and everyone of you.

Anuta Speaks Next

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