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The Johnathan-Hanna Kagen Memorial Sawmill Farm Barn Dedication Ceremony

Sawmill Girl Snoopy Speaks
When we had completed our first season, it seems like of total farming confusion for the four of us, and realized that we HAD sucessfully managed to plant, grow and harvest a large field of corn and a large field of oats we decided to have a sit down and discuss where we are now.

We built us a small fire over on the west terrace just about in the same place we stood together holding hands and prayed the day we decided to become the new farmers of Sawmill Farm. We threw us a samll steak and potato in the fire and just talked about all the wild and crazy things that had happened to us that past year.

Sitting out in front of us were our tractors, all of our plows, planters and our small combine bought for us by Karen, Marina and Scoot last year when we made the decision to do this. Elena said man look at that. You three believe our young asses learned to drive those big ass tractors and make a crop at our ages with them.

Man that was one of the best years of my life these 16 years I've been on this earth. For once in my life I felt like I was really really making something happen good other than when I was learning to talk and speak real words. I'll never ever forget how much I loved farming our Sawmill this first year driving my big ass tractor and our beautiful combine. Now look our big green babies going to have to sit out in one of these cold butt mountain winters we have here. No respect for them.

I can tell you now that hit us a like a ton of bricks falling on our heads when Elena said that. I think when she said that we all felt like we had bonded with all of our farming equipment just as we would a pet animal or a new family member.
We made the decision right them to get a portable metal building set up somewhere on the farm to put them inside out of a cold winter about to get started here.

We talked about our Sawmill Farm Morgan project and where were we going to quarter them out of the weather. The four of us had already discoverd and returned three more of the Sawmill Farm Morgans back to their roots here after Anuta found her Morgan. They were being quartered in a small old restored barn here in Sawmill not on the farm.
We also had two of poppa's cows still living, his mule Kickass and Beth's mule Roger she had inherited from her poppa that had passed this year all quartered in that small barn.

Beth said maybe we need to start thinking about building a bigger barn to keep our equipment and animals in. Poppa's barn cannot handle what we've got now and sure needs a lot of work done on it other than what we've already done to it. Here we are making plans to return more Morgans back to our farm and we have no where to quarter them.

Anuta said I sure go along with Beth on that one. Our butts are not going anywhere with our farm and Morgan project unless we build a new and bigger barn and we need to get started on it soon. We've all admitted that we love what we're doing here now and let's not hinder it because we have no barn.

We held hands that night in the same spot we prayed a year ago to help guide us with our new farm project and that night prayed again for guidance with help to build a much bigger and better barn for Sawmill Farm.

What you see in front of you tonight is a prayer come true after 14 months of designing, planning and building. We call it the Morgan Quarters and love it and hope you do too.

Thank you for coming tonight and God Bless each and everyone of you.

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