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The Johnathan-Hanna Kagen Memorial Sawmill Farm Barn Dedication Ceremony

Sawmill Girl Elena Speaks
Soon after the four of us stood over there on the west terrace and made the decision that we would try and bring poppa and granny's farm back to life as the new farmers of Sawmill Farm it hit me that I knew nothing about American farms.
I did a lot of research and one thing that seemed to always play a major importance in the Ameican family farm was the barn and the location of the barn on the farm.

One day I drove my truck up Barn Rd and aligned myself with poppa's barn to my right. I set the odometer in my truck to 0 and then drove west to the end of the farm and wrote down the milage. I turned around and drove back to the barn and aligned my truck again with the barn in the same spot. I drove east until I had reached the end of the farm on my left. I noted the milage and there was very little difference in the milage for either direction from the barn.

I drove over to the small barn where we quartered our Morgans. I saddled my Morgan and rode him here to the barn. As you know the barn sits on a terrace. I went to the bottom of the terrace and rode my Morgan north across the fields to Sawmill Creek. I counted his trot from the terrace to the creek and wrote it down.  I then went and did the same thing on the south side of the terrace. I came up with more or less a rode map of where the barn sits here on Sawmill Farm.

As close as I could tell by my not so accurate measurments the barn sits almost in the middle of the farm. This is what I had been reading in most all the research I had been doing about the American small family farms that the barn was usually raised in the middle of the farm for location to it's surroundings.

My Sawmill Girl sisters knew that I had done this research. When we realized our poppa's barn was not going to be able to support our new farming operations here and our Sawmill Farm Morgan project we made the decision we had to have a new barn large enough for our Morgans and our equipment.

Because of the research I had done and with the new gps systems in place we feel like the new Morgan Quarters sits almost as close to dead center on the farm as we could place it. From Annie's Bell Tower we can see just about every part of our farm in all directions.

I think all of you the residents of Sawmill have told us that you can see the new Morgan Quarters or parts it from your homes and properties here in the valley. We hope it will always have a postive effect on your lives for years to come.

Thank you for coming this evening and God Bless each and everyone one of you.

Snoopy Speaks

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