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The Johnathan-Hanna Kagen Memorial Sawmill Farm Barn Dedication Ceremony
We suggest you read The Mogan Quarters first so you will have a better understanding of The Dedication.

As the sun begins to set over Sawmill Mountain, Sawmill Farm and Sawmill Valley on a warm summer's evening the bells in Annie's Bell Tower on top of the new barn were ringing. The ringing of the bells is calling all the Sawmill residents to the center of the farm where the beautiful new Sawmill Farm Barn dedication ceremony is going to be held.

This evening the Sawmill Girls would dedicate their new huge barn, The Johnathan-Hanna Kagen Memorial Sawmill Farm Barn, that would be called The Morgan Quarters in memory and to honor their grandparents and start a new beginning for Sawmill Farm.

The residents came wearing their traditonal dress, riding in wagons, in buggies and on their horses as times gone past for us now for such an important occassion as this. The new Sawmill Farm Barn is a t-shaped structure almost the size of a high school football field and standing three stories tall with a bell tower on top. The new barn can be seen from just about any location in Sawmill Valley and the residents are loving it. Most of them have their roots in this beautiful mountain valley and this is important for them.

They park their wagons and buggies and tie up their horses on Barn Rd. and walk to a well groomed area below the south terrace where the new barn sits. They stand and talk in amazement at the size and beauty of this new red barn the Sawmill Girls have blessed this valley with.

Soon cheers go up as everyone looks and sees all the Sawmill Farm Kids on their horses coming from the west riding towards them and the new barn. A loud applause begins as they get closer to them and when they ride their horses into the Sawmill Farm Morgan's play pen off the west terrace of the new barn.

They dismount from their horses, hold hands and walk together to where all the residents and their familes are standing still clapping and cheering them. These kids are much respected for the work and dedication they've done to help restore Sawmill Farm. They all grew up on this farm under the watchful eyes of poppa and granny having the fun times of their childhood lives playing, swimming, learning how to grow vegetable gardens, campouts, cookouts.
Yes, this is a piece of their heritage also and they deserve the respect they're receiving from all the Sawmill residents now.

Jeannie Kagen, sometimes called the corner stone on this family, Mary and Cyl Kagen, Tyler, Ken and Blue Kagen now with all ther kids and grand kids exit out a side door of the barn and walk across the south terrace waving and clapping to all of us. This is the family who's roots go back to 1820 when the Kagen family homsteaded this valley. They're the ones that approved the inheritance of their family farm to an adopted kid from Russia by the name of Anuta Kagen. Anuta has legally taken the names of her poppa and granny Kagen and it is now written as Auuta Johnathan-Hanna Kagen.

They hold hands and raise them with beautiful smiles on their faces. They point to us and then start returning the applause back to us. This family is loved by all in Sawmill Valley and anyone else that knows them. They walk off to one side of the terrace and look towards the barn and start clapping again.

The door opens again on the barn and out the door they come holding hands dressed in their long granny dresses and wearing pink bonnets. It's our four SAWMILL GIRLS!!! This place explodes with cheering and applause as they walk towards us holding hands with big smiles on their faces. They walk to the front of the terrace and start waving and clapping with us.

Beth William-Marcie Kagen Williams Johnathan Hanna Kagen and I AM A SAWMILL GIRL!!

HELLOO! I am Emilia Svetlana "Snoopy" Anna-Blue Johnathan Hanna Kagen and I AM A SAWMILL GIRL!!

HELLOO! I am Elena Sergie-Galina Yushnova Johnathan Hanna Kagen and I AM A SAWMILL GIRL!!

HELLOO! I am Anuta Johnathan-Hanna Kagen and I AM A SAWMILL GIRL!!

This place sounds and looks like a bomb just exploded here. Here they are, the new farmers of Sawmill Farm.What a statement they've made and are now making to us introducing themselves like they've done and dedicating this big beautiful new red barn this evening. With their vision of a new Sawmill Farm at ages 16 they've made an everlasting transition in this valley for another generation to come. They made a committment to themselves, set a goal and here they are  now very successful farmers of the new Sawmill Farm, all for the agape love they have for two beautiful people they have instilled in their lives, their poppa and granny, Johnathan and Hanna Kagen.

Sawmill Girls Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena Speaks To Us


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