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Contact The Sawmill Girls

If you would like to send the Sawmill Girls or a Sawmill Girl a personal message they would enjoy hearing from you. The Sawmill Girls are very busy in their day to day lives so do not expect a reply immediately from them. They will respond to your message as time permits for them. Be sure to also tell them your age. The girls will not offer any advice to you.They will not respond to you if you use negative remarks or bad language. Use the secured email form below.

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Chat Live with a Sawmill Girl or Sawmill Farm Kid when one of them is available. You must be respectful, be nice and not discuss anything personal about the girls nor yourself. The girls ask that you keep it simple. You can chat with them about being a Sawmill Girl or Sawmill Farm Kid and farming Sawmill Farm, their website and their personal Story if they wish to discuss it.They will not discuss their Morgans, the Morgan Quarters, the amount of land they have in cultivation, their families, the residents of Sawmill and the location of Sawmill. Their chat time with you will depend on how busy they are and how many more people they have waiting to chat with them. The girls can terminate a chat at anytime they wish and sometimes will get kicked off their server so please do not be offended if they disappear on you unless you've been disrespectful to her. Enjoy your chat.