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Coming After Farming Season 2014...The New Beginning Four Years Later by Marina Kagen
"Farming Season 2014 is now in full swing for the Sawmill Girls & Sawmill Farm Kids and they are Busy"

Our Sawmill Girls and Sawmill Farm Kids are just AWESOME! We now have 10 Sawmill Girls and five girls in training to be Sawmill Girls.

We'll introduce to our readers the NEW 10th
Sawmill Girl in this chapter. She is just awesome and has earned her stripes to be a Sawmill Girl.

Our Sawmill Girls and Sawmill Farm Kids will start their 5th season this year as the farmers of our beautiful Sawmill Farm and we are PROUD of them!

Another new combine, tractor, grain trailer, more new Morgans, more new farm animals!

Our Sawmill Girls and Sawmill Farm Kids are working hard and are preserving our small family farm for another generation! Corporate ownership is "not in our vocabulary" for our beautiful and much loved Sawmill Farm!

Love Them We Do!

Meet Sawmill Girl Milly! Our 10th Sawmill Girl! She's Awesome and Beautiful!
Honor student in high school, plays in the marching band, runs track and plays Classical piano.
She's ready for planting season 2014 and will be one of our chisel plow operators.
Harvest season 2014 she'll be our third combiner along with combiners Sawmill Girls Elena and Beth.
Comes to Sawmill from Stary Oskol and is the proud daughter of Lewis and Marinna.

Sawmill Farm Hand Milly in training Harvest Season 2013


Requirements to become a Sawmill Girl