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Sawmill Farm The New Beginning By Marina Anna-Blue Kagen

Winter was beginning to warm up and Spring was getting close for us. The girls had now been given the name Sawmill Girls by all the residents here in Sawmill. Excitement was in the air all through this valley with our farm and our Sawmill Girls being the topic of most conversations.

We were seeing our four beautiful Sawmill Girls moving around the farm in four big new John Deer tractors with big beautiful smiles on their faces. All the fields and pastures had been mowed and once again we could see the farm not overgrown with weeds anymore. We could see where the difference in what a pasture and a cultivated field was going to look like once again.

People were parked on Barn Rd. standing up in the back of their trucks watching our Sawmill Girls working and getting things ready to be able drop thier plows in that beautiful Sawmill Farm dirt and turn it up once again for the blessings of the Heavens on it.

New gates and fencing were going up around the barn area. The barn was being restored and repainted by the Sawmill residents, our little sisters, cousins, friends from the Sawmill  Girls high school. Man oh man Sawmill Farm was coming alive once more.

It seemed smiles were now the norm on everyones faces here again. The Sawmill Farm Kids were working relentlessly to rebuild the infrastructure of their farm that was so much a part of our childhoold lives. Cookouts were being held once again next to our swimming hole to feed all the workers helping to bring Sawmill Farm back to life.

We could once again hear the string instruments playing Bluegrass music down by the pond around a warm fire. I play fiddle and I was there bouncing around with all my music buddies making that mountain Bluegrass music. Man oh man life in Sawmill is getting good again for us in this beautiful mountain valley.

At one time Sawmill Farm was the center of most all activity in this valley. Now thanks to four beautiful girls we call the Sawmill Girls and the other kids the Sawmill Farm Kids, this valley is once again getting back to it's roots and waking everyone up again. It seems like when the sun comes up over Sawmill Mountain now it's blessing us with a new and proud warmth that's warming our mountain country souls.

Plowing time is getting close and the excitement is building here in this valley now...

Man oh man we love our four beautiful Sawmill Girls...

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