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Sawmill Farm The New Beginning By Marina Anna-Blue Kagen

When all of this took place Fall season was beginning here in Sawmill. Planting season here in these mountains usually runs about 4 weeks behind from just about anywhere south of us and out of these mountains.  The girls knew they just couldn't get on a tractor and start plowing and planting a field. They needed a plan of action, a business plan and a lot of training.

I'm the financial ceo of our family corporation , Scoot is our corporate lawyer and Karen is the main ceo in our business.
We had a sit down with our dad, uncles, Beth and Elena's dads and formed a farm committee to give the necessary experienced support the girls were going to need to make this work for them. We also had some of the residents of Sawmill join our committee that were retired ceo's and owners of large corporations that had experience in what we call..B/S...bull shitting with people in all the right places. So, we felt good about going forward and supporting our girls in their restoration of our family farm.

In Sawmill, we have one girl Galina we all call Slewfoot. She owns and manages her family farm of several 1000 acres. Some of it is here in the mountains but most of it is over in South Carolina. Big time farmers. She had just received her masters degree from UGA in agriculture and corporate management when our girls committed to our farm. She tells the story that when she was adopted and arrived here in Sawmill the third day she was here her poppa's had her on their tractors sitting in their laps. She says it seemed like this was just about everyday of my life and I loved it and I had no choice it seems but to be anything but a farmer. I now own my family farm just like Anuta owns her family farm and it's my heart and soul just like Anuta.

We asked Slewfoot to join our committee to train and mentor our girls to become well trained and good farmers. She accepted and has been one of the major players in where our girls are now with their knowledge of farm equipment and farming and caring for the land.

My two sisters Karen, Sccot and me purchased three new big tractors and all the equipment the girls needed to get started farming with in the Spring. During the Winter months that girl Slewfoot spent many hours training and guiding the girls on how to use their equipment, plowing and planting. The girls were loving it and were not backing down from anything that Slewfoot threw at them on the farm.

We got poppa's two small Farmall tractors to running again and bought two new bush hogs for them. When Slewfoot was not training the girls they were on the farm mowing down the weeds in all the fields. I will tell you that the fields and pastures on the farm were in a mess and it would take some time and work to bring them back again.

Karen, Scoot and me were standing in Scoot's backyard looking down on the farm one afternoon. Scoot made a comment that really broke us up. She said man look at the farm now, looks like it's had a haircut where the girls have been mowing. Looking down on our farm that afternoon we could already see the beginning of some major changes in it thanks to these four girls called the Sawmill Girls now.

Those four girls were pouring their hearts into our farm and believed in what they were doing and it was going to work for them and everyone else here in Sawmill. They have a drive about them with this that can be felt in them when one of them walks up to you. You can feel it and see it in their eyes.

They will succeed.

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