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Sawmill Farm The New Beginning By Marina Anna-Blue Kagen

We opened the door to the barn and went inside. The girls were standing looking and talking next to one of poppa's tractors. To know what took place between us in poppa's barn that day I would suggest you read The Barn of Many Wonderful Memories.

We left the barn that day running to Scoots truck with tears of happiness and grabbed the phone in the truck and called our parents. We were so excited we could hardly tell our mum what had happened and was going to take place. We ran to the west side of the terrace and was jumping up and down crying and yelling YES YES YES!!

We ran back to the truck, grabbed the phone again and sent one text to all of our family members and all the Sawmill Residents that said...sawmill farm has a new beginning! anuta, beth, snoopy, elena ! come to the farm now yes yes yes!

We started running all over that terrace crying and yelling YES YES YES! Those four girls were giving us hope that soon our family farm would begin to recover from neglect and would once again be one of the shinning glories in our lives.

It looked like trucks were coming to the farm from everywhere...the three of us were still up on the terrace running and yelling YES YES YES!!  It didn't take long for that terrace to be full of people joining in on our celebration of a new beginning for our farm.

Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena came outside and looked shocked and looked like they had been shot in the butt with a load of ice cream salt with what they were seeing. They all had just turned 16 years of age and here they were watching a pile of people running all over that terrace yelling YES YES YES and THANK YOU GIRLS!!!

Everyone there started thanking the girls and offering their help and resources anyway they could be used. I'm here to tell you now that sho was one big party happening on that terrace.

Anuta looked at us and said...I thought we were going to Scoots house for homemade pizza, what the world going on here right now?

Till this day, four years later, I don't think those four girls have forgiven Scoot, Karen and me for causing such a ruckus on that terrace that day.

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