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Sawmill Farm The New Beginning By Marina Anna-Blue Kagen

I am Marina Anna-Blue Kagen. I am a Sawmill Farm Kid and a grand daughter to Johnathan and Hanna Kagen. I've  spent many wonderful days and nights on Sawmill Farm as a kid and was a much loved grand daughter by my poppa and granny.

Sawmill Farm, what a beauty it was when our poppa was living and farming it. After his death there was no one to continue farming Sawmill. Our dad and uncles were business men and investors, not farmers and took no interest in the farm to help preserve it. So, Sawmill just deteriorated over the next few years into overgrown pastures and farmland eaten alive by weeds.

Our poppa's once majestic barn was rottening away and no one was paying it any attention nor the farm land but five of us. My sisters Karen and Scoot, and our younger sister Anuta and our cousin Beth...and the Sawmill Farm Kids. It would break our hearts to see it in such a mess and looked like one huge bed of weeds from any direction.

When our sis Anuta turned 16 she inherited Sawmill Farm from our poppa and granny. She and our poppa had an agape love for each other that we all accepted and never questioned. Anuta certainly deserved this inheritance and everyone in our family approved of it. Now we all wondered what was she going to do with her farm but never asked her.

I think Anuta and our cousin Beth loved Sawmill as much as life its self. After our grand parents had passed they would still go there just about everyday and either ride or walk our Kickass the mule which Anuta inherited also. Many a time I've seen a hurt in their beautiful blue and brown eyes that went all the way to their souls because of the way Sawmill was looking  now.

I think Anuta waited a week or two after inheriting the farm before she returned back to it even though it's only a 10 minute slow drive from our parents home. I was outside in my yard prunning some flowers and saw her truck coming thru da hood where Karen, Scoot and me have our homes. I saw that her best friends in life were in the truck with her, Beth, Elena and our sis Snoopy. These are the ones that needed to be with her on her first trip back to the farm after inheriting it.

When they rode by Anuta didn't look my way. Beth was sitting in the backseat behind Anuta and when she saw me she pointed to Anuta and gave me the thumbs up. Anuta didn't see her do this. I called Karen and Scoot and told them about this. We all agreed to wait a few minutes and then go to the farm and see if our sis Anuta may need some extra support from her older sisters.

We waited about 15 minutes and started driving down to the barn where we thought the girls may be.  In just a matter of a few minutes the farm was on our right. Sort of a long gradual drive going down to the drive that goes up to the barn. We saw Anuta's truck sitting up on the large terrace where our poppa's barn is.

We stopped again for a few more minutes before we got to the road. We didn't see the girls so we figured they were inside the barn. We got out of the truck and waited a few more minutes. We started talking and made us a plan of action just in case Anuta and probably the other girls, especailly Beth too, had gotten emotional returning back to poppa's barn.

I'll be honest with you also. The three of us had us a good cry too standing in Barn Rd. looking at our poppa's barn and a once beautiful farm now nothing but weeds.

Our sis Anuta, this farm is her heart and soul and everyone here in Sawmill knows this. Beth feels no differently about it either. In our hearts that day we felt like those two girls along with Elena and our sis Snoopy were going to make something happen here but we had no idea what.

We saw the girls holding hands walking out of the barn to the west side. They stopped and were looking out over what use to be the larger fields on the farm. They stood there and talked for maybe 10 minutes. All of them raised their hands waist high, dropped their heads and we knew they were praying.

We started crying again watching them and our sis Scoot said YES! They're going to do it! They're going to bring our family farm back and they're praying for guidence! You have to understand something. This farm is all of our hearts and souls too and now we may be seeing a new beginning for it standing on that terrace praying. Wer're a very close family and share each other's hurts together and all of us were hurting and had been since the passing of our grand parents.

The girls turned and walked back into the barn holding hands again. We got in the truck and drove on down to the barn.
We got out and started walking to the door with hearts pounding. We knew in our hearts those girls in that barn had started putting their plan of action together to somehow someway restore our family farm back to the beauty it use to be.

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