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The Soon to be Sawmill Girls get their first Supporters

We've just heard the heart warming discussion between the Muskateers and soon to be called the Sawmill Girls about taking the challenge of bringing their poppa's farm back to life again. Once again we've looked into the early lives of Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena and understand why they love poppa's Sawmil Farm so much and the appreciation they have for it.

After more discussion they decide their first major challenge will be to restore their poppa's neglected barn so they can put it to use again as the mainstay of Sawmill Farm.

They walk back to the barn and go inside once more. Poppa has four small Farmall tractors in the barn that haven't been used since his passing. All his plows are there, the planters, the small combine and all his personal tools that now belong to Anuta are right where he left them.

Anuta and Beth are not saying anything. They're just looking and touching all their poppa's farm equipment. As Anuta looks and touches her poppa's farm equipment she quietly speaks. Poppa, we're here with you again and with your blessings the four of us will make you proud of us and restore your precious farm for  you and it will have life in it for another generation.

Anuta then says I think we're going to need some help with this barn project. We'll talk to our dads and ask our two brother in laws to help guilde us as how and what we need to do to get our barn restored.
Planting season is only a few months away. We also need to go visit Slewfoot and ask her to teach us what we need to know about how to bring our fields back in shape so we can try to maybe get in a field or two of corn in the Spring. We know what poppa taught us but I'm sure farming is a lot different now.

We need to give Olga a call and ask her to take a look at our tactors, and maybe uncle Bill also, and see if they can help us get them to running again.

The door on the barn opens and the girls turn around and see Karen, Marina and Scoot walking in. They  too begin to  look and touch their poppa's farm machinry not saying anything.

Scoot ask, you four planning on farming poppa's farm again? Anuta says we sure as heck going to give it a try sis. What your thoughts ? Karen tells them I think you got more guts than anyone else I know and I know that you can and will succeed.

What you think Marina? I think my heart is about to explode with joy to hear you say you're going to farm our poppa's farm again and you won't be by yourself. I'm sure you'll have plenty of help when word gets out what your plans are.

Scoot? I think you sure as heck can't even begin to start farming with poppa's old farm equipment. So, I think we need to get a head start on things and get you some much new equipment. We had an idea this was going to take place so we had a long talk with Slewfoot and she's given us a list of what you need.
All we need to do is make one phone call and four new tractors will be delivered here this week. We have faith in you that you're going to make this work so we'll be footing the bill on all your new equipment.

When we were discussing this with Slewfoot she mentioned to us that she knew of two farms folding due to the economy and all their equipment was going to be sold off. She said they have just about everything the girls needed to farm Sawmill with. We all felt badly about this so we talked about being able to cut a deal with the banks and buy the equipment at market value and help the farmers before their equipment was sold off for nothing.

Slewfoot thought this was a great idea so Monday we're going to contact the banks and see if we can work a deal with them to get some more of the machinery needed to farm Sawmill with.

Anuta, Beth, Snoopy and Elena looked a little shocked to hear this and just babble with some words. The big 3 start laughing at them and give them big hugs and tell them no need for this babbling now, we've got a lot of work to do before planting season. The first thing we need to do is get this old barn in shape.

Anuta says...Yep!, we were just discussing that until you three rednecks walked in and messed up our ole minds. They all started laughing and Scoot told them...my house...homemade pizza!!