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Anuta Arrives To Sawmill Valley And Meets Her Poppa

I am Johnathan Kagen
I've lived in this valley called Sawmill all of my life that my family settled in the 1800's. I'm married to Hanna Kagen. We have three grown daughters and three grown sons. Jeannie, Mary, Cyl, Blue, Tyler and Ken. Our kids left Sawmill soon after they graduated from college and have returned back to their roots here in Sawmill very wealthy. I'm also the 3rd generation owner of Sawmill Farm and I think just about everyone in Sawmill calls me Poppa, especially all the kids.

Our youngest son we call Blue is the reason I'm here at their private port today. Our Blue went to a country called Russia about a year ago and met a lady named Anna that lives in a large city called Stary Oskol. Stary Oskol is about 6000 miles from Sawmill.
This lady Anna has a son named Igor about 8 years in age and a 3 year old  baby daughter named Anuta. My understanding is that her son Igor will remain in Stary Oskol with his grand parents for a little while longer before he joins us here in Sawmill.

Blue and his mom flew to this city called Stary Oskol a week ago to bring his new family back to America and Sawmill with him. Hanna thought she needed to go with our son and meet his new family that seems to have captured our son's heart and help her make this move to a new country, a new culture here in Sawmill and the Kagen family. Meeting the Kagen family will definitely be a culture shock for her.

Hanna called me on the phone every day to check on things here at home and to let me know everything was moving along ok over there. She told me she has had some new life experiences while visiting Russia and we had a lot of things to talk about when they got home. She said Anna seemed to be a wonderful lady with a wonderful family and she herself was being treated like a member of their family. She also mentioned to me very casually that our new grand daughter was a pretty little blue eyed blonde.

Last night she called to let me know when they would be leaving and the time they should be getting back to Sawmill today. She also told me it was very important for all of our family to meet them when they landed at the port and have flowers in odd numbers not even numbers for Anna and the baby. Hanna never gave me any more details about our new family other than what I've already told you when talking to her on the phone.

Well, I can hear our kid's jet off in the distance so they should be getting here soon, All our Sawmill hillbilly asses are here waiting with grins on our faces with odd number flowers as ordered by our Hanna. I bet this is the first time in our lives any of us have ever bought 13 roses instead of a dozen to give to someone before. Oh, I forgot to mention that our son Tyler also went on this trip to help Blue fly their plane. Hanna has not mentioned his name the whole week and none of us have heard a word from him. Man this is scary.

What none of us realized at this time that all of our lives, Sawmill Valley and  Sawmill Farm were about to change forever when that plane landed. Tyler stopped the plane about 75 feet from us and had a big ass grin on his face. Nothing unusal for Tyler but can be scary for all of us. Anytime Hanna and myself see one of our kids grinning we haul ass and not act like we know them.

Ole Blue is opening the door and lowering the steps so it won't be long now until we meet our new family members. Standing in the door is the tallest lady my eyes have ever seen before. She and Blue walk down the steps holding hands and waving to us. When they get to the ground they stop and turn towards the door.
We see Hanna coming to the door and start down the steps with something in her arms. Hanna is walking straight towards me with a smile on her face and her eyes locked dead on my eyes.

What ! in the World! is that she's Holding in her Arms?? Wow! My hillbilly ass has NEVER  seen anything as Beautiful as that! Wow! LOOK AT THOSE BLUE EYES! WOW!

Hanna put that little ole skinny blue eyed baby in my arms and told me your new grand daughter has something to say to you. She looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes, hugged my neck and said to me in English..I Anuta you my poppa...then hugged my neck again.

It's like I said earlier, our lives were about to change forever here in Sawmill, mine just did.

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